OMG: Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Features, Startup & New Roof Action

I scoped out the new Lamborghini Huracan Spyder in Grigio Lynx with verde interior and show you some of the new design features including the new folding roof. The car is AMAZING!

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BoostedView says:

Man they really pulled it off. Something about not having a roof really adds on to the drama.

mapko15 says:

this is at Bentley gold coast in downtown chicago to bad i didnt know you were up there i live right outside the city could have loved to meet you in person

VerdantPictures says:

Huracan’s front end looks amazing, back end looks like a cheap Japanese car. Get an aventador 🙂

Studmuffin says:

I`m going to car medical school like you did Doc so I can be a doctor for M4 patients. Hopefully I`ll be able to afford exotic cars too lol

Bayne says:

I wish I knew you were here, it would be awesome to meet you! Btw.. If you haven’t tried it, Gibsons steakhouse in Chicago is amazing!

Eto says:

What color is the Huracan? Silver?

Yanis Larbes says:

Oh so this is when you were in Chicago. Bentley Gold Coast has some nice cars especially upstairs . I love the Saleen S7 there i think its beautiful.

Bell Motorsports says:

wow.. really nice.. I just feel like that interior would be crazy hard to keep clean and looking new

John (new channel) says:

It should really be a hardtop at this point

Comedies MC says:

+DoctaM3. please do a video on the whole process of buying a Lamborghini from walking into the door, selecting the color and accessories, and picking it up!

T ruude says:

Na the Huracan coupe is better , soft too ruined this smh

Sikandar Sultan says:

He’s in Chicago in this vid

Kaplin xpx says:

Hey docta, what do think about the lp580-2 huracan?

Behd131 says:

this car is ment to be spyder… shit, this car has to be in the top 5 most beautiful modern cars.

ChiNation Auto & Tech says:

Is this at Gold Coast Bentley in Chicago


it looks great 🙂

rimuy arts says:

very very very nice 😀

Yanis Larbes says:

Oh so this is when you were in Chicago. Bentley Gold Coast has some nice cars especially the Diablos upstairs and that Saleen S7 is just beautiful.

Fur Gulley says:

:47 the red storm calmly waits outside……

froztB3A5T says:

I love the spec on the displayed Huracan Spyder ! its mental

Sharon Aw says:

Are You Going To Buy The Huracan Spyder? It Seems To Be Better Than Your Red Huracan!

FaZe Jocariza 2K15 says:

looks like the Gallardo with the roof on

AfricaAuddyTech says:

Luscious Lamborghini!

Princess Peach says:

Is the roof hydraulic or electric? Why start the engine to open/close roof?

Daniel Maia says:

Did you find the metallic purple color Docta?

Omgulur says:

People complaining about the soft top, but the fact of the matter in hand is that the only time it’s going to be up is when it’s raining.

Braden Carlson says:

Top down, windows up.

I will never understand

TwittyTpcgaming says:

I don’t know if I like the green docta…

Evolq says:

Hey Doc, is the blue Veyron still in the dealer’s showroom?

SubieBoy says:

awesome footage!

WrxNate says:

wow, amazing car and nice new folding roof. #oneday

Frank Moore says:

By chance, do you have a Lamborghini coming in or that you already possess in Blu Cepheus? At 0:44 I think the salesman was about to say thats a color you have on a car. Did anyone else catch that?

Gimlo says:

it is definitely very nice, but im not sure how I feel about it being a soft top

Lamborghini says:

Cool 🙂 Hope you’ll own the Sky!

Chris Palma says:

Why didn’t they make it a hard top shit!!!!! The cloth looks horrible

Street Speed 717 says:

Wish they made a targa version like the aventador!

Rico Suave says:

Dude, you’re always around Chicago and never do a meet and greet. Not cool! Love the car tho.

dimos15 says:


PRproduct says:

omg I was just at bentley gold coast!

Rolex says:

Damn you were at Bentley Gold Coast! I live so close by I wish I would’ve known! I would’ve loved to meet you

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