Replacing my Lamborghini Gallardo clutch with Hi Tech Exotic Kevlar Clutch

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Brofessor _ says:

why were you charged sales tax on labor? am i missing something?

Mitchell Frankum says:

Strad please stop saying RPMs… it’s RPM!

Sean Cruw says:

tanginang ito kaarte gago

BabsonBoys says:

Every time he says “irregardless” I die a little inside. Is he saying it ironically, is it like some running joke?

MJ says:

Why you don’t sell that ugly galardo and buy nicer car

Jeff Sol says:

im glad the ski box and wraps are gone. I love seeing your lambo in its pure form

John Brown says:

Haha Haha it will take you 8 months to drive 500 miles!!

KSA Wheels says:

hmmmm 10k for clutch is kind too much

Jim Scott says:

I would never say you should do it yourself. … ever! And furthermore I dont believe on God’s green earth any supercar owner could fix their own machine’s, with few exceptions. And even Furthermore. With that kind of routine maintenance bills, you couldn’t pay me enough to own one. If I was a billionaire, I’d buy a Rover or Escalade and call it a day! And waive at you as you fly by me on your way to the shop!

Will Landers says:

vw owns lambo

Ashter Egg says:

lol is it me or did you get rapped on Price I’m sure you could have got it custom made

Axelthebeast445 _YT says:


Justin Evaristo says:

Dude you talk way too much. Know when to just shut up.

James McClaren says:

Thought this video would be a how to and not some dude just ranting about random crap…

Dinesh De Silva says:

Why a botton

WooF says:

12:22 “10.600 dollars is a ton of money” …. well… I’d say it’s more like 0.106 of a ton

ke0kie says:

Was your clutch one of those early generation ones made durable as a paper plate? What’s the durability expectation on the replacement kevlar unit?

John Brown says:

I may not like what you’re but I enjoy who you are. Thanks for sharing a cool experience. Always love seeing the ridiculous prices. I paid 300 bucks for new starter and that was most expensive bill on the receipt.

4500HP Lancer Evo IX says:

2:21 Look audi, audi VOLKSWAGEN LOL

Oliver Hernandez says:

Come on James it’s not rude to show us the food and eat it too. We want to see what you eat.

AmarilloHorseSports says:

Cost as much as my truck

John Castorina says:

Lose the OEM exhaust. You should straight pipe it.

Edward Villate says:

If YOU enjoy your CAR..You got to PAY !!!

Brayden Mullet says:

Eyyy snapon

waveridar007 man says:

that bunch of bull that you half to limit the rpm on a new clutch , you just shouldnt do fast starts for a wile, that the only brake in needed

oGlarK Is op says:


nbookie says:

Sell the exhaust and pay for the clutch work. Strait pipe it, a set of $100 VT mufflers.

ricky martinez says:

Nicely done video james


Moochie’s or the Philadelphian is the best Philly bro!! At least in Salt Lake Valley

Victor Smith says:

My wife’s car was $4700. You just spent twice as much as me just to replace two components that I’ll never have to change luckily.

Clarence Eckert says:

How’ll often do you change the clutch.? I’ve got dumbasses on fb arguing with me saying I can’t drive because I’ve got to change my clutch.?

Mike Brink says:

I wouldn’t be surprised if some youtuber tried to raise gofundme money to fix their expensive sports car.

sintwoOone says:

It doesnt start on the first cycles of the engine. Why?

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