Sexy Jesse – Lamborghini Ride

Here’s a hot one taking a ride in a Lamborghini Aventador in Vegas at Exotics Racing.
Next time you go to Las Vegas be sure to check these guys out.

Video used with permission from Exotics Racing

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Jeffrey Wilson says:

At least she has those big air bags to cushion her if they crash.

justin dameron says:

where are the women at ? the thing in this lambo isnt even close

Sarah Yilma says:

sexy but her face no please

Jordan King says:

I love the car but the girl seems to be a gold digger

wëpälkatar says:

what´s the point showing a slut out of her ambience ? the tits don´t even bounce as one expected

Ivan Gantchev says:

Is this one of those no means yes times?

Ярослав Мудрый says:

Мало того, что эта дура даже пристегнуться правильно не смогла, у неё ещё к тому же противный сиплый прокуренный голос!

tenzin kalden says:

I confess that i was looking at her boobs all the time.

фемініст феміністки says:

девушка це до 15 лет а це страра шлюха з плевбоя яка насосалась вже лет 30

Tianna Mcgrew says:

Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access: BABETONIGHT——————c0m

Gadzhiev Askhab says:

he have helmet, she does not.

archann says:

if i was driving her she would say please more

Mark Barlow says:

I’m sure it’s been said before but what is with these hot chicks in super car videos where the driver gets a full harness, fire suit AND a helmet and the girl gets undersized lingerie??? Sure I like big tits on a hot girl too. I like super cars. But way to NOT take care of the girl in your car if you over cook it and flip it. Seems only fair if you’re going to do these videos that the driver should endure the same risk as the cute piece of T&A that likely doesn’t know what could happen if Mr “I think I’m the Stig” gets it wrong. A fine girl like that is a terrible thing to waste….

whoarie says:


Изя Зильберман says:

Рисуется на 3 камеры с разных сторон

H3K36ME3 says:

Не, такую кралю надо на тракторе Белорусь катать по кочкам – чтоб трясло по-настоящему.

1111pyramids1111 says:

What brand of gloves did the driver wear?


What the hell she was covering them up for like 50% of the video!

foxy 101 says:

I want a hug

M.R.I.A says:

sigh…guys expectations of a women are so high. Who cares about her voice. Shes beautiful and seeing how she reacted was funny and pretty real. nice video.

Euro Step says:

The guy’s all geared up and with helmet whilst the Girl only wearing bra w/ airbags. How stupid?

Mr737Nash says:

блядь прокуренная

Skyloore Palackov says:

шлем ей не нужен, ибо там сотрясаться нечему, … я всё ждал, что у этой прокуренной шлюшки выпадут её банки из тюбетеек, но она всё время их назад запихивала:(

Mihály Vorcsák says:

2:24 😀

Baby Learning World - Nursery Rhymes & Songs says:

Lamborghini :O

Mangleus69 says:

i want to bang her until her eyes pop from the sockets…lol ah and anal too…

alwaysaround watching says:

Her implant was moving all over the place.

Abdur Khan says:

Haha Hoe loved it !!!!

manas pachauri says:

Born Beautiful Bought BOOBs
Gets money for riding a motherfuckin’ LAMBORGHINI.
She must have been a saint in her previous life.

Marios says:

hot cars and hot women: life goals

Datmotoguy says:

The Stig with black skin?

Sweet Dreams says:

The plot of this video really speaks to me on a spiritual level.

Norbert Pešek says:

It´s some porn actress??

евгений зонов says:

тема сисек НЕ РАСКРЫТА!!!!!!!!!!!

joel collins says:

I noticed he wore the helmet and not her….

Tory Poarch says:

im sure no one noticed she is not wearing a seat belt….wtf?

blendi rama says:

0:55 the face shes making when she says “fuck”, Ohh jeez <3

tuki cuki says:

name of the song in this video

google bing says:

whats the point of him wearing a helmet n racing suit? if they crash he’s gonna be ok but she’s fucked

Draggon Reaper says:

Guy: How’d you like that ride, pretty good right?
Jesse: You were good, but you’re no Aventador.

AutoMotoSvijet says:

He has helmet she doesn’t? Why is that??

Oh Pulse says:

well she got some fake boobs

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