Should I Buy the New Lamborghini Huracan Performante?

SO the new top speed recorder holder is the lighter Lamborghini Huracan Performante beating the Porsche 918 Spyder by 5 sec. It lapped the Nurburgring at 6:52.01. So, should I get this car?

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Unusedcheetah29 says:


Daniel Maia says:

So now that the lap times on the Nurburgring are not officially tracked Lamborghini became dominant on the track despite having zero pedigree of it. Interesting…

Ethan Foster says:

Ferrari will definitely not release the numbers. Mclaren I don’t know only if it beats the Lamborghini I think they might because then it might help the prices and attraction of buyers to the P1

312 Supercars says:

Have had my order in for last month for the Performance Spider! I think you should take the plunge, I think the doubters of the time will realize that it is actually real.

NoNegotiations says:

They should not have done it quietly, now there’s lot of speculation. How about they re-due it. I don’t care, do it 2 times if that helps, if they can achieve this, props for them, if not they’re full of shit, but don’t do it quietly cause you can’t back it up just by video.

Chris S says:

Still dont believe this doc…36 seconds over a regular Huracan with better tires, suspension tweaks and 30 hp more or so. 36 seconds is a MASSIVE amount of time on a track. Sorry, this is fake, 100%.

richieduck67 says:

yes Sir! trade in the Storm if you have to look forward to the delivery video was on Trofeo R tyres right?

Mr.Vulture says:

Buy it. And maybe do a giveaway on ur other car? Jk

ezar howard says:

this Huracan Performante is going to bite Lamborghini in the butt… The Nurburg version is not a final production version of the car so no matter what the outcoming time is, you’d be getting excited about almost nothing because you aren’t getting what was advertised… And I doubt the production version will come close to beating the 918 around Nordschleife.

lelegume1635 says:

freaking fake tkmr

spadgm says:

Yesss!!, this car has DoctaM3 written all over it!

Alex Fu says:

If this is indeed true then Lambo is pretty dumb for releasing the clip. They have just launched the new Aventador S, if the Huracan Performante is already so much faster than the Aventador SV, needless to say it will be faster than the S as well. Unless you have too much money to burn, why would you buy an Aventador S? You might have to wait for the next generation Aventador which has already been reported that it will run on KERs as a hybrid, obviously with way more power and torque than the current naturally aspirated car.

Steve Hyena says:

If you want to car for the driving experience sure, if you are going to buy it for a lap time

Simon C says:

all these 918 fans are up in arms and cursing the world looking for a witch hunt saying the time is fake cuz they just cant believe the performante is faster. So they search and search trying to figure out bullshit that isnt there. All that speed up nonsense is up in the air show me real evidence that they did that or let it go lol but for now the Huracan is faster than the 918!!!!!!!!!

the.leviathan says:

Huracan Poof-a-mante

VIZIN #Bounce says:

It’s funny how the non Performante version did a lap time of 7.28 minutes, but with a couple of mods + 45 kilograms lighter, they could take off 30 seconds of the lap time… absolute bullshit, Lamborghini completely faked this run…

KumarHD says:

Just buy a different car.. Changes up this channel about also..

sugarsaint says:

Lamborghini are off the SCALE

Carlos Orozco says:

That is an insane time around the Nurburgring! Yeah I think you should get this car!

DFluent says:

yes yes and yes……I forgot something….yes

netmatrix75 says:

If you do get that car, make sure its the same car in the video. Roll cages and all. Not just bragging rights badge.

Pedro Matos says:

Misha compared the lap from both the 918 and the performante and the performante was consistently slower both on straights, apexes and exits. The video seems glitchy in some areas. I wont believe that time until the car is put against the 918 by an independent reviewer. Im not a fan of the 918 but we’ve seen a bunch of people claiming a lot, only to fail miserably when the “talk” gets real :p

That being the car doesnt need to be that fastest in the green hell to be awesome.

Street Speed 717 says:

Sorry Doc that but video is bull! No pun intended 😉

Saturnman 2000 says:


Kevin Koeberling says:


GM V8 says:


Ben Porter says:

Yes of course! Will you trade in your SV or super storm? Keep the spyder.

hophoppin says:

omg the video is fake bruh

Black King says:

Screw that car, what about AventadorS?

James Lovett says:

100% lol….even if the record was fake, its still going to be much better than the standard huracan and faster than the aventador SV on track….

Ben Wayne says:

Performante is EPIC!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Bring us as much as possible from Geneva!

Chris Miner says:

Get it!!! It’s going to be crazy!

Nurburgring burner says:

you can buy and huracan performante…but add slick tires, racing fuel and extrem negative camber to make the same laptime 😉

Olayinka Anifowose says:

dude the 675lt is still gonna be faster than it, did you watch the lap time video? it jumped from 131kmph to 190kmph in 0.08 seconds, thats not fishy?

The Real HCXD says:

As for Ferrari and McLaren stats, Ferrari has always been a company to keep things to themselves so it doesn’t surprise me, McLaren will most likely open up, i lobe mclarens but Lambos makin them all sweat

drummergelly says:

Anxious to hear what the aha moment/physics are that allowed them to get the lap time. Thx


I was at the unveiling of the performante last weekend in manhattan. It is fucking gorgeous and sounds amazing. I don’t own a Lamborghini but have been told without owning getting on the waiting list would be difficult. You sir already have one. I am jealous. If I can get on that list… im buying one.


*Fake news*

Trump 2016 says:

Huracan may beat 918 on the Nurburgring but in short track like Bottom Williow or Mazda Laguna Seca, the 918 would demonised all. Hybrid system on the 918 may got too hot and therefore couldn’t go on lower than 6:57. Or maybe the driver on the Huracan was better than the 918 driver.

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