Supercar Interviews – How Did He Afford this Sick Blacked Out Lamborghini Huracan 580-2!?!?

In this edition of “SUPERCAR INTERVIEWS” we talk to “Jeff” a good friend of mine who recently purchased a Lamborghini Huracan 580-2 just like mine (but better haha). We actually met up when I still had my Gallardo and I asked him if one day I could interview him for the channel to inspire people with his story as an entrepreneur.

We got to it! In this episode, Jeff talks to us about his climb to the top, and what he does for a living to be able to afford a Lamborghini Huracan 580-2!


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Rajan says:

Love the videos! one thing that bothered me was the stretched picture in the beginning, lol.

What program do you edit your videos with?

The BBQ Jerk says:

The “oppressed”.

dzoan duong says:

Do you have to have the start button cover lifted to rev past a certain RPM?

Armann Singh says:

Hey will did you see that Youtuber, Faze Rug, got a Huracan too. Hes like 19 and got it with that youtube money. He has no idea about anything about the car excepts it looks “cool”. Go watch his recent video, its so cringey. I feel bad for the Lambo.


Juan! Great kid!


Another great video Will. You’re providing quality information and staying true to the channels mission statement. Keep em coming.

ChiSoxsFan4Life says:


GAMER king10134 the king10134 says:

Nice video

kevin west says:

Great video Will, like changes you’ve made to the channel. Looking forward to following the Mustang project.

GAMER king10134 the king10134 says:

Ashville ohio

GAMER king10134 the king10134 says:

Where are you from

Lacey Cardamone says:

Love the intro man!

Mic Spam God says:

Is the color of the wrap going to be a secret until the reveal? Or you’re going to just tell us?

NJ1980 says:

Love these videos. Interview in the lambo.

The 1 That made it says:

Don’t get the wing

juanzon91 says:

congrats on breaking 30k subcribers man ,goal by the end of the year 100k !!

Dark Shark says:

Great video, and I think seen Jeff earlier this year up at iron pony.

Al ex says:

Love these “Supercar Interviews” featured videos! It’s great to hear about how others have achieved the dream! Very interesting path to success that Jeff took and definitely not the norm. Goes to show that one should follow their passion and their heart, and you never know what good things can happen! Also goes to show that there is more than one path to success, and that each person must find the way that suits themselves the best. That “calculated risk” advice from Jeff is a very good thing to keep in mind in whatever we do though! I will definitely remember that tip! Thanks Will! Thanks Jeff! 🙂

sgfreak96 says:

I’m at a time in my life where there are many paths ahead of me, and obviously I want to pick the right one. Hearing Jeff’s story of many different professions and jobs gives me a lot of reassurance that it’s ok to bounce around, learn new things, and maybe not just settle down on one strict career path!

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