Tesla Model S P85D vs Lamborghini LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale Drag Racing

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hondacar says:

Comments saying that the battery on wheels tesla is a family car?Ok where can i buy one for $50,000 like the one in the video?

Cr7 says:

The lambo was like SEE YA

Alexander Nordhaug says:

Why dont the Lambo use launch control?

luca bellomi says:

Tesla is the winner, others car are slowly, but after. others cars reach it, but Tesla is the BEST, I love Tesla and I want to buy one

Goo Hard says:

Damn tesla

DonKing86 says:

Tesla is impressive, but it isn’t very reliable and the tech is quite expensive. A drive unit is what, 15000$. And already it’s been changed up to four times within 30000 miles on some cars. No wonder tesla isn’t making money. And then there is the battery pack which is far more expensive. And of course that won’t fail within the warranty period, but few will take the chance on buying a 7 year or older tesla, because if either the drive unit or the battery fails after 8 years you are screwed. If we are talking about saving the environment, throwing away cars every few years like we do with cellphones isn’t really smart.

themrjones says:

the electric car is barely passing the people on the interstate cruising at 70. what a piece of shit, you’ll never, never see one doing highway pulls. nope. hi Florida

James Postle says:

Does the tesla just die after 60 mph or something? Cause it starts out faster than most of the other cars but starts losing after about 3 seconds or so. Can someone explain this?

Greg C says:

Thats not fair , the Tesla’s software limits top speed to 100 mph or something like that ….. Its still crazy quick …. and beats about all the super cars off the line

Bryn Lockie says:

pretty clear that petrol is dead. if not today them very soon

Brandon Mairs says:

I love Tesla’s, but with all due respect that Gallardo did not use Thrust Mode, aka Launch Control. If it did it would have literally burned out with all 4 tires and had a “better” chance.

Turd Ferg says:

Doesn’t the Lambo have launch control? Seems a little slow from a dig.

Kevin Arnold says:

Who here thinks Tesla should start making electric sportbikes? 😀 (^_^)/

Phillip Betts says:

I love Lamborghini, but their names for special editions are ridiculous haha.

mike the Knight says:

petrol power all the way 🙂

Hector T says:

The vehicles on the regular traffic lane were faster that the Tesla ? minute 0:50

JimmyJames82 says:

I was busy watching the cars in the background on the highway drag racing against the Rarri and Tesla

urbansustainability says:

Tesla silently blew the doors off that obnoxious as fuck lambo. 13 seconds to catch up and only because the Tesla had a speed limiter on it. How pathetic.

Daniel de isla says:

Ferrari driver needs some drag racing classes

Sander Luis says:

fast start and end like a shit… daam

herman bolduev says:

All these videos look fake. What is this Tesla promotion or something. Tesla is given a head start in every case/

luca bellomi says:

but I can’t buy a Tesla

Knight Ryder says:

a family sedan vs supercar

Sebastián Demaría says:

Nice, the problem with E cars is not the power, is the weight, even if the power to weight ratio is high, the handling is bad. Also they need a sound sistem to emulate the sound of a proper car, if not, is like driving a train.

Carlton Harris says:

Looks quick but not fast like an angry prius lol..

Clarke Kent says:

P85D vs Yamaha R1?

Brasilia2010 says:

Laute und stinkende Autos erscheinen einem einfach nur noch peinlich wenn man mal einen TESLA gefahren ist… Bis die alten Verbrenner mal langsam ankurbeln, beisst das Elektroauto schon an der 20 Meter Grenze…


That Lambo sound….sex for the ears lol

_ ecKo says:

put that electric piece of shit in its place

James Moore says:


han meyer says:

bey bey Electric toy car!

Chris Sharek says:

I want to know where this is. Looks like Alligator Alley (I-75) across South Florida . . .

M773 says:

all it has is low end torque advantage.

it doesnt handle good.
you cant charge it anywhere you want and doesnt last long in sport mode when you push it.
it weighs a fuckton of money
its ugly .

and they feel so superior with their 0-60 advantage lmao

PolaBoy says:

Currently I can’t buy either of them.

AssassinCred15 says:

That is a lambo stradale not super trofeo

ecsyntric says:

what a f’in racket

Christian Sanden says:

Tessla is the future! Damn driving on gas and diesel, this will be my next car, thats it! Those petroleum arabs can drunk themselfs in there shit

Florian Posch says:

Instant torque gets you off the line like stink, but afterwards, physics and better power-to-weight ratio kicks in and beats it.

Julian Boyd says:

Lets not forget that the Tesla is a 4 door, (rich) soccer mom sedan.

M773 says:

go home tesla, you`re drunk

nodutherone says:

Best analogy for a tesla is an “electric blender”. 0 to full speed instantly..Doesnt mean fastest just super torque.

SHADEZ says:

impressive to 60…so what?! A REAL power car can kick it down at 60 and pass 10 cars uphill against a 60 mph wind. This battery shit will NEVER be the future unless they make a complete car. For the love of god 2 cup-holders for a passenger car?? no console, i imagine the sound system is terrible, and a GIANT screen to blind and distract the driver at night. And i really do not see the future being Tesla at 100k per car, or any other maker. All of you entitled millennials pounding your chest over your cute little electric car that finally has some nuts, don’t get used to it. It will be for the few and the rich. When they price them at 30k and have chargers every 100 miles at stations all around the country…then maybe, but Americans love muscle, and Tesla is not muscle, not to mention the lack of luxury. Give me a CTS V any day.

superleggera says:

Am I the only one that doesn’t care for electric cars?

Snuffy Smif says:

The Lambo driver is lucky that Tesla engineers incorporated an e-governor program, which limits top end speeds… Otherwise, no Lambo, Ferarri, Challenger, nor for that matter, ANY other gas powered car would have a chance against it. Neither in short nor long distance.

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