The FASTEST Lamborghini Huracán in the WORLD!!

This time I have filmed a 1026HP Lamborghini Huracan by Gosha Turbo Tech from Abu Dhabi. It did some 1/4 mile runs on the Yas Marina Drag Strip and it did a 1/4 mile in 8.65 seconds, with a topspeed of 258.99 km/h. World record with stock engine and stock gearbox!! I hope you enjoy the video!

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Chris /CvdZijden


Robert Torres says:

They added fuel to Mr. Fusion so he can go back to The Future.

Артем Кулаков says:

было бы быстрее, если бы анисовую водку добавили со льдом

Mattias Andersson says:

How many tons of ice did they use ?

Mardan Mardanov says:

У русских всё через жопу

Cartney84 Ian says:

I’m not surprised motherfucker! Lol

Ashike Das says:

Wtf the startup. Gave me goosebumps

Advait Patnaik says:

Always i have a Love lambo

Stupid shit says:

Damn, it must be real crazy if you gotta cool it with ice

Xenon Bareno says:

What an ugluy lambo

Prek Ljucovic says:

this isn’t the fastest

Hafeeq2086 says:

I saw this lambo before but where….oh yeah this video

010 overschie says:

When you have to much money

chopp on the beat says:

Great scott!!!!!!!!

Oscar Pineda says:

With that big of a crew, I was expecting much more from all the hype…lol

AK everything says:

Why is back taken off?

Ding Chavez says:

what gay ass flag is that ?

Cole Cooke says:


Spoon23 says:

258.99 km/h top speed only? lol you mean MPH?

saumy sharma says:

i’m glad to see a lambo run on a ice not fuel

Kendrik Lama says:

You know your car is fast when you cool it with ice cubes

Mohi Adeen says:

صراحه من يوم شفت الثلج. عرفت الشغل تقليد اعمى.

Rick & Alexis Adame says:

Smh … With a Dodge demon challenger running a 9.65 out the dealer puts this EXPENSIVE lambo to a shame … And I’m not even a Mopar guy …

TheAverageSavage Yeet says:

What happened to the back of the car?

autos deportivos says:

1000 hp

Udit Pratap Singh says:

Bhosdike data barbaad ho gya

Martin Cowling says:

Mite be the fastest , But the Lamborghini Veneno out classes the Huracan for its looks of looking the mean machine.

terminater243 says:

That lambo beat a Supra

Juan Villegas says:

And I thought Parker’s Huracan was fast

Aditdj540 says:

You use tire accilles 123 s from indonesia ?? bravo bro

Jerry Cannon says:

this car needs to get its act together. tired of these half ass launches. back and forth getting ice. stalling. put the bumper on dam. your representing one of the finest automobile

6672able says:

It’ll run faster once they add headlight fluid

Car Crash Video says:

Русский тащит на ламбе ехохо)

Dboi Trappin says:

That g wagon look like it had something. ….

Liam Moore says:

I think mine on Forza will beat this peace of shit

munay liesa says:

frob abu dhabi? why the fuck i see russian flag?

Casey stoner 27 says:

Ugly ass 🙂

Redhorror90 says:

jeah, he just drove straight forward!

Raycar Cheng says:

Mph or kph?

that slow goat says:

you know a lambo means business when there’s no rear bumper

edobihac says:

8.65 what with 2000hp plus come on this ia rubbish

Halen 19 says:

Damn that’s fast as fuck, that Cletus guy and his gutted out twin turbo v8 corvette, the lambo wasn’t that far of, and it still has it’s original body, while the other car is a rolling chassis with a motor damnnnn

Djon Vakenfeid says:

Russian Hurcan eaaa

Vick Nelonis says:

I hate when immature faggots do this shit to cars that should be left alone. It’s not your mom’s $3k civic

OminouS JacK says:

whats better than cold water on radiator? ice blocks…

Osama Al-Arab says:

Why are they putting ice in the car at 3:00?plz answer

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