The Most Ridiculous Purchase…

iPhone X Face ID Unlock Fail –

The Lamborghini Alpha One has to be one of the most ridiculous Android smartphones on the planet. It retails for $2500 and it sold exclusively in two retailers. The Alpha One isn’t the first Lamborghini phone though… The previous version sold for $6000! I’m not sure who the Lamborghini Alpha One is for but it’s probably not you (or me).

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JKI 03 says:

You buy a Phone but no Charging method inside that means no Cable no Adapter no Charging Pad NOTHING!! How would you react

Charlie ********** says:

What.s next
samsung / f 150

Join Me says:

iPhone x

Night Ronen says:


Samuel Schönenberger says:

Team G-Shock

Scofa says:

fokin hell you got me there

King_ harshil_ says:


Chris Johns says:

They should never make anything but cars

Efraim Lumapas says:

I watched this cause of that huracan lmao

Arsalan Gran says:

not worth it

TubeMeex_Tv says:

Can u Give me that car for a day ? 😀

Infinite Gaming says:

2500 phone that looks like shit .. very nice ! 😀

FUCKME says:

ugly as fuck i will not even pay a singe dolla

Unbox Therapy says:

iPhone X or Galaxy S8?

Milind Mahatma says:

When can we expect a brand like Ferrari to have on our smartphones

Thomas Howl says:

Add this to the list of phones I’ll never buy. Cool looking, skin is trash, QC is trash. Hard pass.

kane Li says:

that is not the car Lamborghini company. Its different company。

Ryeem Johnson says:

I really like that music is it reggae

The Truth says:

Clickbait hard.. this channel is getting annoying

BlueXGaming - Fortnite says:

Copies ZTE’s home buttons

NightWalker says:

Dude… what do you expect it’s an “alpha”.

Haseeb sarwar says:

It would be so great if u could change the background which ur filming .

Craig Miller says:

Piss yellow… omg..

Joey O'Brien says:

Nice one Lou….

Vian Naude says:

At 1:30 when you buy your first bag of 10g weed XD

Arthur Juu says:

Wat a coincidence! i was thinking about searching Lambo Phone XD

Risky Whysky says:

Click baiiiiit

Sa Jo Ma says:

Clickbait haha

♫♪Ludwig van Beethoven♪♫ says:

Well the yellow car was already unboxed


How much are you making $$$$$$$$ ?To aford a Lam.LINUS TECH he makes 12 million per year!.

PJ C says:

New balance vs Adidas …

LilTroyXx says:

Is that ur car?

backyard vigilante says:


sanjay dubey says:

Watch technical guruji bhai

Todd Dotson says:

Man.. I wish I could own a Lamborghini for opening boxes.

Natnael Negasi says:

Galaxy s8 plus my brother have it

Arnav Gudadhe says:

Try the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and for Lamborghini Huracan yellow color is the best !!!

Redex Superior says:

nice lambo bru

ramjas maurya says:

a simple guy with Lamborghini

djim youtube channel says:

This was kind of clickbait….

King_ harshil_ says:

Galaxy S8 or iphone X ?

More AstroNoob says:

I thought it was the lambo 🙁

ForceOfBryson Games says:

Jack why the clickbate Jack Jack Jaaaaaaaaaccccckkkkk

Thanos Kladas says:

Hahaha that was smart Lamborghini hurricane prank

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