The NEW Team Galag Batmobile | Gumball 3000 2016

So, the Yugos were fun…but THIS…This is next level! It’s been over 12 solid months in the making and I’m so excited to share this with you! Introducing the Team Galag Batmobile 2.0 for Gumball 3000 2016…

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KSIOlajideBT ss says:


Entertainment ballstudios says:

only bad thing is that the wheel gears don’t rotate

RoadToChaos says:

What I would do to drive this.

chubie xaviour says:

i guess this is going to cost an arm and a leg.

The pro Gamer says:

How did you get the bat mobile car

walther007 says:

#1, the rims don’t spin and #2 there is no flame out of the fake thruster. Never seen a Batmobile without it. Thus, this fake piece of poop is crap. Seriously, you couldn’t run over a tricycle without doing major damage to this thing.

이태성 says:


Nasty FingurZ says:

Incredible car are you serious this shit is ugly.

Derpy Soviet says:

y not the NEW Team Gulag Batmobile?

DetonaGames says:

batmobile 😐

Justin Okoh says:

I would spend an entire year in that Batmobile

romarinho maroca says:

ta querendo fazer um batimovel

Pomfus Media says:

With time and custom mods etc, What would you estimate something like this would be worth?

spiddyman007 says:

Made this but couldn’t make collectors edition??

Abhishek Sathe says:

Does this thing comes with afterburner ? Or missiles ?

romarinho maroca says:

carro fei da porra __|__

G Graham says:

4:50 wrong batman …

matgemini says:

Nice this is the bat mobile from arkham Knight

yocaha1 says:

sounds as a GTR, not lambo.

Atala Salim says:

do any one knows how much is this car cost ?

Glitcher2000 says:

Where’s the roof turret?

ikilledkaisersoze says:

god awful ugly.

Geffá Oliveira says:

this is just insane!

Fernand Wolf says:

Too much shit talk and poor car show.

Lisa McB says:

Help me win the lottery so I can drive this motherfucker <3

Damien Mange says:

Don’t ever let me win the Lotto, This thing is absolutely incredible!!!

JDR 235 says:

No four wheel maneuver? 🙁

陳琮佑 says:

I love this car!

Red Hood says:

Bruce never gave me one of these!

demonocus drumocus says:

Does it have tank mode?


I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ain't that a Meme says:

What do you mean I don’t have enough to buy this

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