THIS Is The New Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder! | FIRST LOOK

The new Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder is a convertible supercar that follows the launch of the Huracán Evo, an updated and more powerful Huracán coupé, late last year. It features the same 631bhp 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V10, resulting in a 0-62mph time in 3.1 seconds – 0.2 sec slower than the hard-top model.






omar rashid says:

Keep it up James, the awesome work you are doing at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. I love the Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder=)

skywalk3x says:

“A redressed Huracan” Keep that same energy with the next 911 or McLaren

Kaptenarn E says:

Aston Martin are on another level now compared to the two Italians! Quite frankly makes me worried, I want to believe in Ferrari but the F8…. RIP

Paul Cruise says:

Lamborghini = Beast

jerry henderson says:

Does that car have a lift kit for off roading ? Or did they really debut their car with the lift up , because they aren’t real car people ?

José Joaquín Barrachina Muñoz says:

@mrjww Could you please tell me what’s the title of the song used for the intro?

Sam Le Tanter says:

i gonne order it

Tom Thumb says:

Pronounced OOH RAA CAAN

Scott Sophia says:

The new Ferrari F8 looks better in my opinion, and should be a fair bit quicker.

코딱지 says:

wow gooooood!!

Nicholas Heath says:

Best content from Geneva 2019 by far

Foodie world says:

This is just AWESOME

Dan S says:

how many variants of the SAME CARS lamborghini? What do we have like 12 ‘versions’ of the ‘huracan’ and 14 of the Aventador now? boring…..

Mindaugas Kliukas says:

Looks so much nicer than it’s ugly brother – Aventador SVJ spyder!;)


I prefer the looks of the old, non-evo spyder. Lovely colour though.

Muhammad Kharismawan says:

Why this channel grow I so slow is beyond me, why is the algorithm never helped you, my man…

Falo says:

Looks the same to me.

Vince Spampinato says:

Still a Huracan. Nice car but not worth upgrading at all.

Chris Sadd says:

Looks no different than any of its others these past 10 + years.

Darren Revell says:

Look Ferrari door handles that don’t look like shit 🙂

Thunder Melo says:

I see Ferrari and Lambo are just giving few tweaks here and there but Aston Martin… oh boy they mean serious business

Philippe Poncelet says:

A bit short.. no extended explanation about the interior, but nice review anyway..

Niamzag says:

Don’t get me wrong I love fresh content but please don’t rush through it

Kumaran Karthikeyan says:

Shorter videos in under an hr? I’ll take it since getting to the point is how its done… An enhanced and freshly updated Huracan…

Neil TheGrass Tyson says:

Just when I thought the Aventador SV would be the last of its lineup, then the S would arrive all of a sudden. Then comes the SVJ. What the actual f? Huracan Performante, then this? This is killing the value of every top of the line model….

Gambantein says:

Mr JWW, you sir have grown into one of the best car channels. Your technical level in your relaxed and classy presentations of new and old is spot on. Love the humour as well – you look both amazed and stupified at Koenigsegg when hearing about the new transmission in the Jesko car. 
Keep it up!

im jeff says:


Richard Ford says:

Finally a Lambo where the arse doesn’t let the front down…..

BEN10 says:

Sexy Super car babe!

J G says:

Still looking like an alienware laptop or gaming mouse or some shit.

MK Hunter says:

Ferrari and lambo seem to be doing a YouTube but churning cars instead of videos. Not knocking your videos though, how you are not bigger than shmee and have your own TV program is beyond me

Ronald Reagan says:

They all look the same, nothing new

Joshua Hamilton says:

Wonder if any of these will actually make it on the streets before it’s too cold again haha. Not a bad spin on the original car, but at the end of the day, it’s just another Aventador S treatment

4g63 Mike says:

Buy V10 and V12 cars. If you need turbos and electric motors to make the same power, something is wrong.

Carlover88 Z says:

I’m tall (6’4”) and sitting in this car it looks like I’m in a clown car with my head sticking up! ……I wish the seat went back 2-3 more inches!!

TECH Camelia says:

Totally love the video presentation!

Christopher Bell says:

Looks dated already.

Adrian Osler says:

wasnt a huracan fan and still not

Gazza Brownhigh says:

Rather have a PERFORMANTE spyder.  The new Gasoline particular Filter regs have effected the power and sound of that mighty V10 engine

4g63 Mike says:

V10s and V12s > v6 turbos and hybrids

Phillip Bearzatto says:

Meh, Lambo need to evolve to catch up with the main game. This is just picking from other cars to bide time.

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