UFC Fighter Derrick Lewis’s Twin Turbo Lamborghini – First Passes

Derrick Lewis came out to Quick 30 with his new twin turbo Lamborghini that Late Model Racecraft built for him. This was his first time driving the car at the track so it wasn’t on full kill.

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UFC Buffalo says:

My balls is hot

Punk Taco says:

Too bad Derrick Lewis is a whiny liberal

Amelia Lopez says:

10 second twin turbo ?? I know an allmotor Civic running low 11s all-day lol

UFC Buffalo says:

I’m about to tweet this

equizikal says:

2018 (LP 610-4 ) Huracan =10 second car (stock). Slap a couple of turbos (and probably over $100K)… still a 10 second car.

Cameron Summers says:

At least “Hot Balls” learning how to go down a track

manalive33 says:

Black Beast in Dis Hoe

Man O War says:

The P-Zeros aren’t rock hard (that why rocks are all over them) And It’ll be nice to see brothas with “exotics” having brothas from an exotic tuning house and video production creators capturing this.

Jack Ammo says:

Derrick “Hot Balls” Lewis

Like_a_Sleeper says:

clutch aint happy

حسن جواد says:

منو شاهد الفيديو عربي يحط لايك

Aurel427 says:

Should have send it to underground racing

Mr. Mix says:

Should have taken it to a shop with more experience.

Jacob Gray says:

Derrick Lewis is the best!!!

Luis says:

I would endure punches to the face for one of these as well.

Mustanglvr007 - says:

Transmission and/or clutch problems?

chuff_chaser 11 says:

hahahah dude spends 1/6 of his net worth on a car…

Justin Y.'s Mom says:

Sounds good

pnbdash says:

black beast!!!

Heath Young says:

That is some slow ass over priced shit for a car.

Louis Webber says:

I’ll let DC sit on me for a round and a half for a lambo


I just saw a $45,000 2017 f150 5.0 do 10 secs. Lambo is a Waste of mula

theDARK Pototoy says:

If it’s not the sound of Underground…. it’s trash. There’s plenty of videos, trophies, and winning drivers/events to back up that statement.

John Morgan says:

He’s too much weight lol

Rounak Chakraborty says:

Just buy a freaking demon if you wanna drag

fuzzygreendemon says:

guessing 9.8 at 152 with r888’s


He knows how to fight but driving not so much

vin digi says:

black beast dgaf about a rev limiter, he gotta take a shit

njshift says:

The Black Beast

snvff xxx says:

no one got balls to tell him he’s not shifting at the right point..

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