If you like V12 Lambo’s screaming through tunnels, you’ll enjoy this video!!!
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Abstract Faith says:

Fuck yes to the SV conversion!!!!

teggggR says:

Murci is one of the best sounding cars hands down.

Fred-Richard Saueauk says:

Those flames

Bob Goudreau says:

didn’t expect my favorite spoilbrat there.

Toby the Glen says:

Changing gears like an amateur?

kc4ril says:

WTF man, you never even showed the front of the red car and you didn’t explain what you meant about 3 v12s, are you saying someone put a v12 in that gallardo?

Tejpal Singh says:

Do the SV conversion, but dont get a big wing the little duck tail bit is sexy af

Lee Bridgwater says:

This is amazing.

Sahil King says:

Why I need to straight pipe my Lambo??


PR KING says:

Great to see people actually enjoy those cars

Liam Toledo says:

Yes definitely straight pipe your car

deepak varma says:


Dean Jackson says:

After watching that. A Merci manual with a straight pipe has just been added to my dream garage. Now c’mon lottery win!! 😉

C7 GT1 says:

Have Murci? on my eardrums; yes.

Pars Kick says:

Always keep a fire extinguisher in hand when you’re car throws flames and can set itself on fire.
Still one of the best cars of all time.

M.S.A M.S.A says:

This kid left London for US in seek of money. Might as well change your channel name.

James Brearley says:

Sits there talking bollocks about cars to everyone and can’t even take a wheel bolt off without asking if he’s doing it right, and then claims he’s an exhaust expert but then can’t tell whether his own car has a stock exhaust or not.

Tim Bonfield says:

Not sure why you would do the RWD conversion unless it was to save money on clutches, would imagion in the uk it would make it a wet round about away from sold for parts!!!

Marc Mendoza says:

Headphone user RIP

Fede Master says:

Are those Murcie real SVs? Are they converted to RWD?

Giovanni Macias says:

i see blkprz at car meets all the time

Bradley Mcgill says:

I couldn’t handle the first 10 seconds I’m out I’m out .

VH0220 says:

Weird face Wallace

Luca Roth says:

Paul deserves more views.

The FPS Shooter says:

DDE donut gang

Jack Fauster says:

i told you, you should straight pipe the car in an older video

Josh Rooke77 says:

get a sv body kit as well !!

Etienne G says:

Best sound ever

Robert Goel Jr says:

I love that silver R8

Dan Austin says:

Should do a remake of cannonball run movie start.

Alex Buxton says:

Do an SV front bumper

powersliding says:

if you want scream titanium is it..because its really hard and draws higher frequency partly because of its lightweight

Yujiin says:

Finally, SOL hearing Edmond Mondi’s straight pipe loud af murcielago

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