2012 Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque — it certainly does.


richl says:

His voice is like spoon in a spin dryer.
The screen is set this way so your hand can rest on the edge as you select the button with your pointing finger. No stabbing or jabbing. Simple and very user friendly. 

VossenWheels says:

love the unique design on this car

Matian Kadolli says:

I think that this suv/hatchback is more for a lady.

echarlie 89 says:

We need an Evoque Cabriolet review!

snowshredder102 says:

It doesn’t need to be that deep. My navigation system has half the deepness of that and has no problems with glare.

89forsakin says:

So did this car break down yet?

texascheeses says:

i compared both GLK vs this and went with the 2014 GLK blu tech (AWD) and saved $8000.

Faizal Shaikh says:

This guy sucks

timathydorman says:

I own one and love it. Navigation screen blacking out is my only fuss, but using voice takes care of that

rabah nasri says:

this car is super star 

HailStonE says:


Robert Mazzeo says:

Cnet should not be doing car reviews, over use of the word controversial and the infomercialesque inability on how to use simple things. Sadly I have been inside cars with people like this, they get upset over petty stuff and over react like its the end of the world. Also they’re a tech media company and think they can make it better, but its only to their taste and not others.

Elliott Anderson says:

Those pictures at the start were NOT Range Rovers. They were Land Rover Series 1s.

Skatebike says:

He hated on it so harsh I bet he drives a prius

Haouach Bendhiba says:


Can't Be Fucking Bothered says:

This overpriced, unrefined piece of doggy doo doo costs close to $95000 here in India.

michael9678727 says:

Love this review,
For the price this car is rubbish. It made for the rich kid or someone who wants a range rover but can’t afford the bigger one

ivopsilva says:

too expensive for a car that has a ford engine.

jay vega jay says:

u r d best fucking reviewer aside from Jeremy Clarkson

Sandesh Satpute says:

Please restrict yourself to hard disk and phone review…range rover should just not hand their car to any tom for reviews

Johan Littorin says:

It’s a good thing. Why would you want to see reviews where they say good things about crappy cars? You want lies? Go to the dealer.

Jayfer Zahir says:

this dudes just bashing this car lol i like it i have a phone for nav all i will use on that media center is music everything else is perfect

texan176 says:

Looks cool but the engine should have been in house developed and exclusive to LR. Somehow stuffing a V8 under there and even raising the price $15K would make it very special. The chop top look is really outstanding.

BananaPwnFries says:

Am I the only one who thinks the coupe for this car is a stupid idea

Michael says:

the car handles like a car? well i never

Kurtis Brabeck says:

3:35 and forward just has me dying. I love Brian Cooley

rangerover06sc says:

It says what they mean on the screen in the dash, which is where you should be looking anyways. Beside, would you really except all the settings to be written out in that little amount of space especially considering one of the Settings is “Grass, Gravel Snow.”

Have to agree about the address input screen though the way it blacks out after ever button push is ridiculous.

Butta Luv says:

Excellent report. I loved it!

Lucas Sousa says:

my dream car

Levie Solonka says:

You are fucked as hell..What he says is true this guy is experienced.. Fuck you man!!

WorldOfIvillis says:

Why would you ruin a new car by adding a ford engine. Not saying it’s a bad engine for I never drove the car, but it gives people a bad feel especially if the brand you’re buying for has the “heart” of the car not made by the same company.

clinkit says:

I really think CNET should stop reviewing cars. They are a computer/software company so they know absolutely nothing about how car technology works. Ask them about MyFord Touch and they’ll tell you everything you wanna know. Mention double overhead camshafts or direct injection and naturally aspirated exhaust and you’ll send their head spinning. People who trust CNET for actual car reviewing and advice might as well ask a landscaper to perform their brain surgery.

SirDerpingston says:

bwahbwah bwah i can’t stand hearing negative views because it makes me question my false convictions and i prefer listening to candycane reviews where the reviewer inly says good things so i can feel like i am right.

guys, listem to yourselves talking. then shut up

cmackenzie89 says:

What I think many people like about CNET and their car reviews is the fact that they focus a lot on the technology in the cars (and outside), something which many other reviewers do now.

atyl1972 says:

This guy is the biggest fuckwhit of all car reviewers he has no fucking clue

FxNitr0 says:

Q5 instead about same price .

areal718 says:

negative person cant stand him. this car is awesome btw

Derrick Jones says:

damn this guy is so negative

Azhad Azemi says:

In Malaysia, Evoque price is about $300,000! 

David Crandall says:

Well I assume that Range Rover will fix everything he picked on so that’s what’s good about this review.

Katharos Life Coaching says:

Stefan really liked this car. He drove with his friend Ewald through a place he called Eckstein and said it was a blast!

Dennis Xu says:

I like Ford and I like their engines so I’m fine with an Ecoboost engine under the Evoque’s hood. But at this price, I’d rather see them make the 2.3L Twin-scroll Ecoboost engine as standard instead of this 2.0L one with turbo lag.

Lauro Machado says:

In Brazil this car costs 80000 dollars the cheapest one. Taxes and taxes for everyone

uzi oozwala says:

Fukin American

Lord Twaddle says:

This guy should be driving a cadilac with the kind of things he knit picks. He’s completely missing the point

Jordan Ch says:

Why so much criticism on this car?

Iwantkababnow says:

STFU about this guy, he is the greatest guy to review cars since top gear uk. He gets to the point and is brutally honest. Deal with it.

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