2013 Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography – First Drive Review – CAR and DRIVER

Senior technical editor Michael Austin heads to Morocco to drive the new 2013 Land Rover Ranger Rover on the latest episode of Car and Driver: Tested.

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CAR: Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography
MAG EDITORS: Michael Austin

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xDenP says:

Well, they are still british… as in the cars are manufactured in the UK and is headquarted in the UK. Just like when ford owned them it didn’t make them american…. tata motors just owns, everything is still produced in the UK

max audi says:

One of the best reviews I’ve ever seen thank you

Ali Hassan says:


Dr Pein says:

wtf the music doesnt match this video

ArmenianGangstas says:

love the music towards the end !

TheBostonsportsfan23 says:

if the new rovers have the same offroad capabilities as the old disco, defender and rr classic the why get mad?

Charles Coco says:

83 grand!??! are you fucking kidding me? i just saw this for 279,000 today. fuck my country! fuck australia in its stupid ass

Danny Diez says:

What’s the point of locking the differentials? Is it so you can accelerate faster, or does it have to do with climbing steep inclines?…

BlitzenRider says:

i like everything about the car except the fake, non-functional “grills”

imapokeguy says:

The reason this car manufacturer still survive is not about the marketing, it’s because there’r so many stupid and stubbon guys in the world!

Stevaa Steva says:

I had one, and it is the most unreliable car I ever had!!! Never again!!!

Sheikh Muhammad Qumruzzamman says:

Ya, that would be GM, TATA is in 18th position.

HoneyBadger1184 says:

Well they are designed and produced in Brittain…..but parent company is Indian 🙂

MrPeterthepilot says:

Why is there so much bullshit about 4WD owners who don’t take their cars off-road? My Disco 4 will pull a 3.5 tonne boat, carry 7 people in supreme comfort and drive like a dream on a road-trip. Any one of these is a great reason for buying one. As it happens it will also perform brilliantly off-road which is only one reason why it is built the way it is. So do I up-grade to the new RR? Don’t know but will give this a look and also the new Sport when it gets to Australia.

Speednote10 says:

It’s not recycled parts.. It’s parts made from recycled material. Like some Nike clothes are made from recycled soda bottles. It’s not like they took doors and wires from a crashed Range Rover and put them on a new one.

Chad Behiels says:

This will be my next truck, very well done! Love the 50% less button thing, the sanitary appeal to this vehicle is very similar to newer Rolls Royce. Very impressed!

Mintberry Crunch says:

ever noticed that only GM-cars come with that option?
the functionality behind ¨remote start up¨ is that you can start your car up in the winter and its already heating without you having to go sit in first. european cars have that option too with the difference that you’re not starting the whole engine but only the cars heating circulation. so its much more economic. its not primary made for just being able to start the car while you standing next to it. amazing how all americans think that. 😉

Shane Siscoe says:

Yep $83,500 is thae price

MisterBrauer says:

You do realize areoplains are made using rivets and glue yes? Much more expensive than your average car.

Benjamin Lee says:

This car is the epitome of sexy

jamaq says:

Screw the car, the musical score in the background is just beautiful.

chigasaki06 says:

I went to the NY auto show. I was pleasantly surprised that we were allowed to sit in such an expensive new model.

Albert C says:

I’m liking the carbon fibre

jakky avramov says:


lffit says:

My favourite SUV; and it’s boxy lol…. but nothing touches it

Car and Driver Magazine says:

And millions of miles of mall parking lots.

Balakrishnan Kavidas Kavidas says:

Nice RR and the music too.

xDenP says:

You cant really consider those luxury off roaders, because the rr is at least designed more towards off roading than the other ones you just listed, at least give it that. But the way i see it is its designed more for luxury, but you have all the off roading features etc. incase you want to go off roading

golfemperor says:

it’s sad, 98% of all RR and LR owners dont take them off road. Shame

RickyJnum1FAN says:

I was about to say the same thing, I enjoyed the music more than the review lol

Topher Neugebauer says:

1:31 caught my ear. They covered something up with “fourth” generation.

2013 Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography – First Drive Review – CAR and DRIVER

hvm85 says:

It’s still amazing that such a car doesn’t come with remote start up…i believe that should be the basics in such a ride…):

Stella Gooner says:

To make it nicer and better, easier to use. It’s a luxury off-roader.


Why can’t Yanks say – ALUMINIUM…………

harpreetlidder1 says:

Deep snow would be awesome. But this is great.

Rogdub says:

Indeed good man, the previous generation had the gentleman style.

Delacresse says:

I really wish it was faster out the gate

Ryan James says:

i preferred the last generation. In the words of jeremy clarkson the new RR is a car for today but the previous generation is a car for forever. The new styling doesn’t offer quite the same appeal as the last generations did.

tedwutang says:

Recycled parts and aluminum scares me but. The useful tech make me love it for it’s increase drive ability. One day:P

Alpha_Beta says:

I love this machine !

hkhanna54 says:

does anyone have an idea what the music is towards the end?

Amir Eclass says:

I want one

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