2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR (CNET On Cars, Ep. 72)

This episode: Ranger Rover Sport SVR goes down a new road. We ask if you should buy an EV, a hybrid or neither. And new tech to help parents remember kids that have been left in cars.


Dylan s says:

what phone does he have

Pablo López Simón says:

Could you do a Ford fusion review

Chris Park says:

i buy this as a daily driver. If i ever won the lottery.

Scotty Nguyen's 80s Mullet says:

Oh shit I needed to upgrade to android 6 to remember I had a kid

Arthur Thomson says:


lowlow643 says:

Any one noticed Brian Cooley driving an old jaguar XJ @8:23 ???

omar khan says:

Dong Ngo a house host Cnet on cars once for fun hahahah

Nouman Pervaiz says:

Cooley for president

Roop Dhillon says:

Have the supercharged v8, love it so much!

kokuz0512 says:

I am a big fan of the show but for a Tech show and a big car review show the video quality is outdated. I would love to see this show in 1080p or even 4k. 720p in 2015 is just not watchable on a large screen and does not tell the viewer “High tech show’. Is this something that is being worked on or being considered? Again, I love the show, very educational. Thanks

One800J says:

Here’s a top tech tip: if you scrub past the ads a little and then back to the start, you don’t have to watch them. I hate hate hate being forced to watch an ad for something I don’t care about. So much so it makes me take note to never ever buy that product!

Juan Suarez says:

Getting my sons out of their car seats is always the first thing I do when getting out. Most of the time that kids die is when they get left in the car for 5 minutes. A quick run inside 7 Eleven in Arizona will heat an interior to 180 degrees in 5 minutes. That’s death.

1XXdragon says:

Why would anyone not want a self driving car so many people die in car crashes and computers can fix that

sigimmer says:

I think the eveflo is bs. If there is a parent that forgets their child in the car, I’m sure that same parent would ignore the sound being played to remind them that they have a kid with them

gvvvv2300 says:

the SVR sells for over $100,000. is this a joke?

Joe Blo says:

hey brian,people that forget their kids in a car shouldn’t have kids

earthstick says:

When you do mpg got to remember US gallons are smaller than Imperial gallons so it appears that the mpg is worse.

Brian Lastname says:

I really want a SUV, something tells me Range Rover LWB but Escalade is nice too, it just won’t go “real” off road. But on the other hand, do I need second car. I know, big problems I have.

Nishit Kadia says:

would that sensor alert me every time I stop at a signal.? that would be annoying

J. S. says:

Ew…. Horrible infotainment system.

ahastar1141 says:

People don’t “forget” their kids in the car. That’s just what they tell the police to try and avoid jail time because they thought they could get “in and out of target in like 5 min”

_lazybrian says:

I thought I never would be this guy but yeah… I did just check the comments to see if Brian Cooley was the guy on this. I felt relived when I knew he was.

naifsexy says:


bimmer audi says:

I wish i could subscribe twice. Great episode. Brian Cooley is the best car show host i have ever seen…….

kagimbi nyoro says:

greetings from kenya. keep going.

mychannelnameisbah says:

hate this SVR

Sanjiv Jindal says:

I’d rather have a Mccan. Gosh that exhaust sounds terrible

Wolfstudio says:

Big plus from Europe for those unit conversions 🙂

hellcat1988 says:

More people need to be made aware of effective ways to break a car’s side windows. There are several hundred to several thousand videos of people beating on windows with hammers, pipes, boards, and anything else that they can grab that has some heft to it.

Often times, you’ll see a women among the crowd; if they aren’t the majority or only people around. More often then not, people don’t know about how side windows are tempered to withstand most impacts. They also don’t know that SCRATCHING the glass weakens the glass by several factors of 10. More women need to be informed that scratching the glass with a diamond wedding band can actually be more effective for breaking a side window than even a 10lbs sledge hammer.

kawika dav says:

Sounds raunchy!

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