2016 Range Rover Diesel Off-Road Tech Review: Now Zero Off-Road Skill Needed

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2016 Range Rover Diesel is an incredible Off-Road capable Luxury SUV. In this TFLcar off-road tech review Roman finds out just powerful the new Diesel engine is when paired to the Range Rover’s off-road technology.

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conorwaswrong says:

Doesn’t look like extreme difficult. Like no other car could do it.


To be honest my suzuki alto, does better off roading without a problem, and does it with front wheel drive only

GhibliDisco says:


Invincible Osprey says:

You misspelled “Sedona.”

Marc Monson says:

rumor is f150 will be getting this engine

Corbin Fawver says:

fuck that shit thats retarded. thats not even off roading

Phil Fischer says:

This is 4 x 4?

Kristian Skadhauge says:

Do an Off-Road review off the new Suzuki Vitare Boosterjet Automatic AWD/4WD 🙂

funnybeingme says:

What is the name of this trail?

TECH mob says:

good review

Jordan Bell says:

Call that off roading? That was sooo easy to tackle

lffit says:

Great car but don’t buy one seconhand because when all those electronics stuff up wow!….. big $

Rich Santoro says:

$106,000……DOLLARS!? Thanks, but no thanks. I’m smarter than that.

Dave says:

Where is this “Sadona” place you speak of?

P92atlantis says:

good instructor

Thomas Harris says:

bravq! c’mon, gvys. consist normal what do you thjnk?

jlen82 says:

106k lol I would be sweating bullets driving that off road.

Benjamin Mathew says:

the thing is people you can afford it but you need to have it for 15 years to to get the money back and than you can buy another one if you want.

caoYB says:

whats that on the suction cup 0:23 ?

Steve Gold says:

1440 p baby

Aaron L. Brown says:

Someone spelled Sedona with an A. Its Sedona not Sadona

Benjamin Mathew says:

I plan to own a range rover hse once I get married

nytmstr says:

Maybe a real, challenging off-road trail/course to test/expose the once great off road brand.

Kelvin Waters says:

Land Rovers are very capable and notoriously unreliable. Get the Toyota Land Cruiser or the Lexus variant instead.

Sundarapandian Jeyamanoharan says:

those tires tho . doesnt look like a lot of room around the wheel wells for proper set of tires.

Mr. Cairo says:

I shall stick with my AEV JKU but interesting to see the tech wizardry. Personally i prefer old fashioned levers, winches, bullbars, snorkels and muddies.

Peizxcv says:

ISIS and Al-Qaeda swear by Toyota and Nissan. Range Rover and Jeep don’t last long without fancy maintenance.

Jacob Walls says:

cool car but overpriced

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