2016 Range Rover Evoque Full Review, Start Up, Exhaust

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An In depth review of the 2016 Range Rover Evoque. We’ll Start up the engine, listen to the exhaust, and take a detailed view of the interior and exterior.

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Thanks everyone.

Standard: $50,475
The one featured in this video: $60,514



beautyful car and best review

Rajan Badhan says:

super car

ak nature says:

hey can u confirm if it’s the car that james corden drives??

ZABFE says:

cheaper cars have a better navigation system, it is just too slow and dated…. only drawback I find in this car…

A Nice says:

I really want this car love the styling but I can’t stand that it has a 2.0liter ford 4 cylinder engine inside… similar to the same reason I held back on the jaguar a few years back. Maybe if they charged the same to repair these cars as a ford I’d be more inclined.

Stephanie Del Castillo says:

You forgot the security box in the glove compartment.

Lau Cudal says:

I wonder if they fixed all the old issues from the previous versions.

Figgy Wave says:

Is this stock just with options?

F1gamer says:

How are the speakers and can you control the bass , treble and volume how ever you want

E Blink says:

How many cylinder?

finn191275 says:

They are becoming rich chav cars

Umasankar Mahapatra says:

very good

Rajiv Gupta says:

very nice

diego luis cardenas corzo says:

Mi. Celular. O. Móvil. 3104338275

ahmed abodahab says:

the legand, Rang Rover

Gary Morgan says:

Very helpful thanks

BlueEyedTV says:

Why do you want to listen to the exhaust? It’s not a sports car

Lujan Silvetre says:

yo tengo 34 años y es mi sueño ese auto

Kevin Char says:

is this the farallon black color? anyone can verify? thanks

Danime says:

Getting a 2014 model in a few months. This review was helpful in me deciding. Thanks 🙂

Dominic Su says:

Is this SE or SE premium or HSE??

Toni Ming Gwan says:

really my dream car
i want get this one tommorow

haila janelle says:

just a 17 yr old girl dreaming of this car

diego luis cardenas corzo says:

Como se. Hace. Para adquirir una new

SKJ- 2012 says:

the new Ford explorer limited has better features lol

Abdelatif Ghrieb says:


Trường Hồ says:

đẹp quá , ước gì mình đc sở hửu em này

The VIV-MAN says:

Can the rear seats recline

Manny Santos says:

nevermind mee I’m just window shopping

diego luis cardenas corzo says:

Cali colombia

b kavin says:

I got the autobiography for the same price from a second hand seller with 5000km in total

Runaway Lucifer says:

perfect in every angle..this car is so sexy!

Lord Lagia says:

What are the specs of this one? HSE?

남자썅 says:

How much it is??

Lineage2MediaCom says:

looks like a box with crosseyes.

Mark Malave says:

Does the sunroof open up or just the shade?

raven scott says:

You have a lovely voice. excellent review.

sweet godot says:

great review!

adityabeatz says:

216 people butthurt that they can’t buy this

Shubha Juyal says:

excellently reviewed…so thorough!

Marsha Pace says:

my husband just got me this car in I’m so in love thank you baby!

swegmen2463 fueuf says:

the car sounds like someone taking bong rips XD

Bruh Frog says:

My mom is getting one of these

A Hernandez says:

Can’t wait! Getting this car in white next year for my 16th birthday!

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