2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport SE review | CarAdvice

If your wish list is pointing you towards a compact SUV with a prestige European badge, you may as well narrow your shortlist down to just one choice – the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Just one? Well, yes – if you also want the added practicality of seven seats in the one tidy, luxury package.

Pricewise, the Discovery Sport lines up against the Audi Q5 and BMW X3, but neither of those offer that third row seating, despite having similar proportions.

First launched in 2014, early adopters (like yours truly) went for Land Rover’s fresh styling and compact proportions, but ended up with a diesel engine that was… let me say, rather old hat.


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http://www.caradvice.com.au/496305/2017-land-rover-discovery-review-2-0l-td4-150-se – Read the article here.


Jeff Keith says:

Not a bad review, thanks. Awkward reviewing something you own. I’d like to see the Disco Sport on more difficult off road terrain though. I’ve not seen a LR product that can’t do some amazing stuff out of the box. But I have owned at least four, so again I’m a bit biased. For the price the interior looks a bit less than impressive

Vaibhav Patil says:

Thats a great in depth review. All that deliberation actually pointed out some nifty items about the car. would be great to see all your reviews in this format and detailing. cheers

jonathan alves brito says:


rskbug says:

Interiors on all Jaguars are awful for the price one pays.

C3 says:

Love the conversational reviews.

Msad Sadi says:

it’s not worth it.

prana8 says:

you guys have to stop with the no owners offroad thing.

Ketchupboyz Sorot.T says:

so Aussie!

Benzinio says:

If I have to put my money I’ll take the Disco Sport over the new Discovery which is much uglier!

Tom Bramler says:

Bush bashing

Ninja says:

looks so ugly, your review is so biased!

X V says:

I was very close to buying one of these but the cheapness of the interior was too much of a roadblock given the price.

G Rodriguez says:

So in other words you got shafted by Land Rover lol

kingfisher111 says:

I so love these reviews…

Per Matias Bustnes says:

That looks hideous!! The evoque looks Much nicer!!

Niall says:

Shocking interior.

veyso32 says:

You’d be better off buying a fully loaded! Kia Sportage or Mazda CX-5 for 50 something grand! their superior in every single way. The 50k Disco is a premium poverty shitbox with no features! & don’t those options add up fast lol. Complete ripoff. You buy the DS your paying for a shitty badge, probably a wanker & obviously have more money than brains.

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