All-new Range Rover Evoque Convertible Cabriolet Preview Design/Technology

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NaturaPug says:

How many bets that this is going to come in Barbie Pink/White combo?

hunyango says:

i dont want to swear thomas, but …… that thing is BLASPHEMY!!! PURE BLASPHEMY!!!

Luca Zangari says:

Off-road without a roof seems interesting! But really the looks are dreadful….poor Evoque that was such a nice car. I think if you want open top off-road experience go for a old Landrover defender…or a quad really….

man0z says:

No no no no no no no no. Why you spoil the best looking small suv of all time?

Autogefühl says:

So what do you guys think? A big hit or a no-go ?

godfatherNYC says:

I just can’t see the appeal of this convertible. My mom has the regular Evoque and I friggin *love* that car. The convertible just seems to lose all of the *utility* of a small SUV. There’s still something a _tiny bit_ attractive about this car, but if I were interested in an impractical convertible, I think there are a lot of cars I would choose before this one.

hannibalUK1 says:

its something I want, but would never buy. if I were to compare this like for like with a A6 quattro or allroad I doubt there would be much in it really. plus I don’t think I could buy a car designed by a guy that looks like a zombie.

S7 Studio says:

just looks off 🙁

Siri says:

Offrode? XD ok

Normer Snob says:

for me the roof line is the evoques style. they cut it off its now a jeep

Marcel Almon says:

looks hehe funny but is cool

Marcel Almon says:

i want one though

Leonis Bacher says:

looks kinda like an oversized mini on steroids

musclerent says:

Very nice. Obviously a niche product but what better way to cruise around and show off in the summer, at award ceremonies, millionaire playgrounds or anywhere for that matter and yet it can go off road.

NaturaPug says:

and also yes, i would like to go Skiing in my range rover CONVERTIBLE, because sometimes it snows when i need to take the roof off. GENIUS

Xezatt says:

I’d call it a Range Rover Countryman Convertible

Alexandru Vornicescu says:

there was a G class convertible, did it fail? the same will happen with this

Hauswolf says:

That guy’s high is the most boring high ever.

Normer Snob says:

I would prefer a proper Thomas test it’s just an advert…is it they can’t find the blue paint or enough baby alcantaras (joke)

UPlayNetwork says:

It looks good, though I think its for people with the extra cash as a play toy only

Chris X says:

It looks good and should sell well in Southern California, Florida and Southern Europe. Although, with all wheel drive, it could be used in colder climates.

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