Car Tech-2010 Land Rover Range Rover Sport SC

The most urban of SUVs has nothing metrosexual under the hood.I do not own the copyright to this vid.This vid is made by CNET.Uploaded it for some friends so don’t remove it.


kpappletech says:

@USA4July1776 Get Lexus, no brainer.
Lexus GENERALLY has lower maintenance costs than the competition, and is quite reliable (Google around for customer reviews if you doubt me). Japanese companies such as Lexus offer more quality for the dollar than their German counterparts.
One of my friends has an IS350, and loves it. Although, I prefer my Prius more.

bceltics121 says:

I think the British refuse to make fuel efficient cars..

Bruce Grimes says:

6 dvd hidden in the back among sharp plastic edges and wirring. i can see my 6 year old riping out wires and cutting himself on the plastic edges

Jgizzy -redacted- says:

This reviewer is fucking badass. Love him

Bruce Grimes says:

pay ob

makizee1 says:

i like the way he reviews..Pricing the sonna f a bitch..

sukhy singh says:

ive got the 3.0 tdv6. the supercharghed v8’s just pointless

Chill96 says:

This guy is the Dr.House of reviewers!

bawanb says:

I have a limited edition Range RovermSpo

ms says:


Javier Benites says:

Love this guy!

mrjost55 says:

This guy is very good at what he does. I rather listen to him than watch some idiot journalist brag about 0-60 and quarter mile numbers.

Rodney says:

“that big whole chunk there is fed by a blower” love that expression!!

olaf2046 says:

3:31 wtf! Was that a Cooley double walking by outside?

BMan100 says:

Because with “stupid charging” you can get into trouble.. REEEAAAALLLLYYYY FAST 😀

echarlie 89 says:

I loved the looks of that car when it was new. I wanted one so bad!

do c says:

sumo jajaj nice one!

megahoodoo says:

i have this it is amazing

bandosnoob15 says:


Jessica Grabowski says:

Such a beautiful car!

Jobie Crear says:

what the fuck was that disc changer lawl

718hudson says:

Cooley is the best ever

TheYoungman606 says:

lol when he’s talking about fuel economy, a Toyota Prius goes by

GoPro Flying says:

Bourneville is a place in Birmingham where the Cadbury’s chocolate factory is, hence the name for a dark brown colour. Incidently Birmingham is next to Solihul where the Range Rover is made.


mmmm a car

Chill96 says:

Yes, He doesn’t miss anything.

Bryan Usrey says:

Bad sombitch

justnotcricket says:

I really like this guy, even though he’s naturally just more about the tech, he gets everything spot on, especially the criticisms. Others can learn from him. Also he’s an oddball, but not creepy which is a hard balance to meet.

Sitti2300 says:

I really really don’t where they placed DVD drive. You have to make up your mind which movie you are going to watch before driving. And you commit suicide every time you insert the disk by cutting your wrist.

kpappletech says:

@USA4July1776 Cool.

jnj2595 says:

rover range = the fucking whip


what car DO you like brian. seriously.

jvrdlc says:

this car SUCKSSS

great review Brian

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