Car Tech – 2013 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged
Off-road by day and ride elegantly to the country club at night in the new 2013 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged.


Sano Rubayi says:

Nice review!

fahd memon says:

really great because cnet car show all features that has in car

lowlow643 says:

What a waste of review without cooley for a car like this

Lbolting005 says:

The black guy said he’s gonna steal one of those vehicles! Just like every other negro, stealing!

greatgood5 says:

[insert butthurt old people who want Cooley here]

Luko Radulic says:

They had the monocoque body on the last gen also.

Kitty Fister says:

wow Brian Cooley got tan… and terrible

Juan Suarez says:

Antuan, you’re fired. Your voice is boring and you don’t properly show all the features. This is the third review I stopped less than a minute in and I’m afraid to click on another from Cnet. Mr. Cooley please.

Chris Park says:

Brian Cooley needs to review this, not him

Infinite Universe says:

Good review, thanks. looks like people wanted you to pack in more details in the 8 minutes.

Charles Mtonga says:

Like if you want Brian Cooley back.

Lolpoop Lolpoop says:

the front looks kinda ugly but other than that looks good

Mavinski1 says:

Extremely beautiful vehicle. This is my favorite SUV.

AJsVIEW says:

psssssss the reviewer has a lisp

BLKMAGG09 says:

this guy sucks he didn’t give anything other than the fact it goes off road and the entertainment center

Sano Rubayi says:

Nice review!

Miguel Francisco says:

I hate this guy, i know i shouldn’t but i do.

Jonathan Varghese says:

What happened to Brian Cooley

donkeydicked says:

Where is the on road test … useless review

LandRoverWay23 says:

Ok, just so you know… last generation RR was not a body on a frame (2003-2013). Pre 2003 were body on frame chassis.

adam husien says:

Love Range Rover, I have a 2012 autobiography supercharged, but dam the engines are so loud and rattly

kasunth says:

Who is this guy…? Bring back Brian coolie for the same review.

Lone Ranger says:

This guy doesn’t “really know” what he is reviewing by the sounds of what he is saying and the choice of words he uses! Brian on the other hand actually comes across as being “really knowledgeable” and imo a bit more interesting to watch/listen to.. Either way I cant afford it 🙂

TheLanard says:

I’ve never accidentally downshifted via the paddle shifters as I drove around any other car or truck.  So that disable switch is overkill.  Also, I watch CNET Car Tech for Brian Cooley.  I really like his reviews.

Lolpoop Lolpoop says:

the front looks kinda ugly

Squidgy Quijabo says:

This reviewer completely f’ing sucks.  Aside from the lisp, he needs a bigger vocabulary, as well as some damn CHARISMA.  This episode falls flat on its face – almost unwatchable.  Give us our Cooley!

eurouc says:

Change from body on frame to monocoque!!!!!
The RR has been monocoque for years.
So aside from misinformation …he missed the main news: the switch from steel/aluminum to ALL aluminum.

BLKMAGG09 says:

the guy didn’t take it to regular Street roads to describe High rides then say how comes with a seat or didn’t do anything other than it’s a Range Rover it goes off road and he don’t like the entertainment center

Albert Williams says:

C/Net, I appreciate your diversity in the decision to use different reviewers. At this point over one thousand people “liked” this review and three hundred and seventy one “disliked” it. In this case, the numbers accede with my opinion and obviously your decision. Thanks!!!

hellcat1988 says:

WOW…  I didn’t know a lisp that thick was possible. I also didn’t think it was possible to make an offroad vehicle review sound so gay. I hate it when gays force that lisp for no reason. You can tell he’s forcing it because he’ll forget and pronounce some c’s and s’s without a lisp some times.

Ahmed Almayali 123456789 123456789 says:

والله اشتريهه كلش عاجبتني بس موضوع واحد اخرني هوه فلوس ما عندي ههههههههه

nathaniel sherron says:

Who cares how he sounds; focus on the vehicle.

Kamal Alzayer says:

this is a beautiful strong vehicle . The gang from Romania are presenting this car for sale under Autohauswulfingkroth , there is no company under this name , they stole the name of the real company autohauswulfing & abused their registration nr . Now all of the criminals from Romania with their BOSS AUREL LUCA are caught in Germany and under arrest . there will be a process because of theft against them . DO NO DEAL WITH THESE UGLY PEOPLE .

justinhamill954 says:

Those hoses on top of the engine are in no way connected to the air suspension they need to do the little bit more research before opening their mouths . The air compressor for the suspension is in the back underneath the floorboard in the trunk right above the battery.

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