Car Tech – 2014 Land Rover LR4
The 2014 Land Rover LR4 is the last of the chunky, square Land Rover left in North America. Let’s see if it can still mix stylish elegance with off-road pedigree.


lifesavrdwd says:

Its hard to believe that people will pay that much for a car that is put together so poorly.  67,000.00 would be a lot of money to me and I know I wouldn’t want to even pay half of that for such a mix car.  

tenzin lhagyal says:

I hate this reviewer…he complains so much..he will find a mischief in anything…lets say god exsisted and if he had to review him..this guy would defenetly slide some faults ..thats why i dislike u too Brian bitchy..

Edgardo Amado says:

Yeahhhh Cooley !!!

Fast Foodreviews says:

Can you guys do a 2017 Land Rover Range Rover Extended Wheelbase. Please thank you

Scott Campbell says:

that’s my dude cooley

Grumpy Pig says:

Taking the Mick, can’t make efficient cars, find a problem with someone who can, VW for instance. Compare the mpg with a Ford pick up the biggest smile gas guzzler on the planet, and have the neck to ask for compensation, for giving you a better class of car, sad people.

dtvqa says:

Looks like a station wagon. yuk!

Love Hurts says:

Lo0k ugly

Da'Neil Olsen says:

Cooley for President!

Antenox says:

Ahhh, Cooley. Love this guy’s reviews

CuteFunnyVideo says:

Cooley is hilarious!

Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this says:

I like a boxy SUV. However, I find I need the extra internal space maybe once per year. So, I’m good with the curved lines found on most modern SUVs.

kole726 says:

Id rather have a Jeep Wrangler JK

BDF30 says:

60 fps video is superb 100 times to 30p…

Croo ookie says:

60k isn’t all that bad, isn’t the new Escalade like 75k?. I’d get it for that much only if I knew there wasn’t a redesign around the corner. They should preserve this design the way Mercedes Benz does with their G suv. I’d just replace that infotainment system with a tablet or something because that’s awful. Also for that price you can get a beautifully equipped Jeep Grand Cherokee, with better everything basically.

Aziz Mehmet says:

Hay cooley is back PLEASE STAY.

Raphael Macina says:

And from 1:55 onwards is the reason CNET and Cars should *always* equal Cooley.

dempoy says:

Palm Treo hahaha

misamisatv says:

5655 lbs?? Holy crap!!

penvon says:

One of these entered an accident a few yrs ago & it split in half,I was a witness to that & have the pics for proof on my FB.I would expect it hold up better for being quality.

Whitespeed7 says:

Give me a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee any day over this.

Timothy Jaya says:

0.14 lol are the wheels moving

Salvador Abundis-Navarro says:

The screen reminds me of the Nissan touch screens – i.e. shit.

Kenny Tan says:

What’s the point of 60fps? I rather 1080p… Is it off-focus-bad filming skill or just my monitor??? If not for the CNET badge, I thought my sight is bad today!!!

Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this says:

8:50 The way Land Rover does upgrades is bullshit. A base model that goes for $50k should not balloon up to $67 after you put everything in there that should be there for this car. I hate when car companies do that silliness.

rfh1987 says:

That button isn’t for “rear differential lock”.  The locking diffs in the LR3/LR4 are completely automatic.  There is no direct user control.  The various Terrain Response modes affect when the lock is automatically used, but that is the extent of your control.

What was being confused for a diff lock button is related to keeping the Land Rover in “access height” with its air suspension.

deemdoubleu says:

The 19 mpg figure is what it does when it is being towed by the recovery vehicle (in order to keep the little fridge in the centre console running)

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