Car Tech – Laser-guided Land Rover
With innovative laser technology, the Land Rover Discovery Vision concept maps the trail ahead.


pr says:

I love this SUV

I just wish they improve it’s reliability! It has a bad reputation for breaking down and costing a fortune to repair.

It’s a mechanics favorite

Ted Levine says:

One of the most practically-focused concept cars I’ve seen.
Nice job Land Rover.

pseudo intellectual says:

my prius has 400 hp and monster truck tires….dont need this 

thesk13ater says:

if someone bought that, they would never go off roading in it. its too pretty.

Edward Bliffin says:

This is dope….ugly but dope

AssociatedTechnology says:

What is the music in the beginning?

reno911unlocred says:

And just at the prize of 2 of your dream houses in the Bahamas!

Abel Abarca says:


BlowinUPinMIA says:

All that and they going to land rove all the way to the mall with chiwawa in hand smh

Kokie nGA says:

It’s so pretty. Love the idea of the doors. Just Wow!

Muzzy A says:

this scumbag is covering a show. wtf

MasteringLOA says:


LelouchL3 says:

With all the sensors and lasers used in future cars, I wonder if there will be a radiation problem?

JDXD1998 says:

Too bad its a concept

Just Ricky! says:

Who design a SUV with laser beams? Dr. Evil? Too easy. That is a beautiful concept. They should mass produce them. It’s different, but in a good way! 

St8Solja says:


ChannelAboutStuff says:

The front looks nice, but the back of it looks like a minivan… It’s too slanty and curvy. It needs to be boxy like the old disco. Cool tech though.


I like it but probably can’t afford it

bmwman67 says:

the BMW i8 already has laser headlights and is in production so…. nice bandwagoning Jag/LR

M3SGT says:

This scanning has already been done in the 80’s. Remember K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider?

kylesteinhauser says:

I love how Land Rover still wants to put up this facade of their vehicles being really capable off-road.  Even if they were, there’s no way in hell someone’s going to put up 100k for a car and then beat it to shit off-road.

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