Car Tech – The 2017 Range Rover Evoque Convertible: A luxury drop-top SUV that’s dirt-capable

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In the past, four-wheel-drive vehicles that could drop their top, like the Jeep Wrangler or the classic Ford Bronco, had a decidedly more rugged take on the idea. Range Rover unveiled their stab at what must surely be the niche of all niche markets at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show.


aj Martinez says:

Can’t wait for Cooley to fully review this car on cnet on cars

RiGo says:

Whhhhhaaaatttt?!?! Emme Hall?!? I didn’t even notice the vehicle behind her. Her and Brian Cooley would make a great Autoshow.

Alvin Cornelius says:

It’s so bad it’s good

lupinearsenalALT says:

k all those rich asian ladies are gonna snatch them up like hotcakes.


Eww, Range Rover. Why the hell did someone think Convertible SUV’s where a good idea?

Sherwin Seby says:

This is just wrong on so many levels.

Trip Maschmeyer says:

So stupid

genesisTCaliEnginerd says:

yaay emme’s back!!

Buduzhi Eligwe says:

she’s better than Antuan.

Tech Defender says:

Did EMI leave tflcar?

bk lounge says:

Who tf would buy this lol

rsc1027 says:

and SUV should NEVER be a convertible

Edgar Morales says:

it’s not an evoque! what happened with the big great cars? why? this is ugly too!

FastLikeUNO says:

good gosh… what the hell is that????

Michael Flatman says:

i dont like cars that have few engine options
i like lots of engine choice espace for example 1.9dci 2.2dci 3.0dci 2.0T 3.5V6Turbo etc.

seth dockery says:

nice i like it

Jasmine Espino says:

Range drop, drop top.

DvApps says:

Dafuq is this bull shit

xi chen says:

Convertible SUV yes! Best off road driving experience ever. Enjoy the dust and leafs fly in to your car, tree branch hitting your face. best of all when you car crash and roll over you have much less chance to survive, oh yeah!!

Yannick Olivier Orounla says:

hmmm, I can’t call it an SUV anymore

ilovela55 says:

Evoque Convertible…. The answer to a question no one asked.

Jason Jones says:

Nice insight about the tires!

Awe Galore says:

How is that an SUV?

MLJeevez says:

It reminds me of those kids electric ride-in range rover

semirla says:

What Emme Hall on CNET … Sorry for TFLCars

steve m says:

What a piece of shit. I’m sure some idiots will buy it though.

tradersato says:

Make a hard top convertible option and you have a game changer… Soft tops aren’t sexy, they are just the lazy engineer’s default. Or a rich man’s “summer vehicle ONLY” option.

Isaac Davis says:

whhhhhyyyyyyyyyy it’s UGLY

Waylon Shofner says:

This. Is. a. car.

Above In Shadow says:

Shoe box vehicle.

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