Car Tech – The 550-horsepower Range Rover Sport SVR

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Land Rover has built its fastest model ever and it is a brute.

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Brendan Falls says:

We want cooley!

CarsFX says:

Shit again, my favorite car reviewed by a guy that is not cooley, Stupid !!!!

fantomtuba says:

0:06 “goddammit, where’s Cooley”



81GhostSlayer says:

I am a millionaire who always buy a car when Cooley review it , this car so good but damn shame Not get in it cause Cooley not review it …

Sam Salam says:

It always happens!!!!! Please Cnet,,, When the car is amazing give it to Cooley. When ever its a great car, I don’t find Cooley.

Polloloco51 says:

For less than $118,000, you could get a 2015 Corvette Sting Ray, and two Jeep Wranglers!

Javon K says:

I’d rather get the BMW X5M for a few grand cheaper. Also the BMW has more power and torque and it looks way better inside and out.

Joey Boy says:

i think this is only a quick -take, they wouldnt be that stupid to only do a 2 minute review, right?

edubs779 says:

Cooley should have done it but he is getting better

Dodge Durango says:

Cooley was in the car? Why didn’t he cover the review?

Jamaican Me Crazy says:

120k. Ouch

You Tube says:

that’s a stupid price; you’d have to be a well-heeled sucker to buy it.

Shawn Meadows says:

Where is Cooley. Why was this so short and pointless and non in-depth?

Mathieu Bouvier says:

The tesla model X is going to crush it haaaaard !! I loled hard at the 19MPG part hahaha

TheVibeOnline says:

Give us Cooley or give us death!

antara says:

Thank you A G.

Spillow says:


Mr1ahahaha says:

Cooley with his mouth shut. it doesn’t work

Fahad M says:

I see Cooley but I don’t hear him ???
#Cooley4TopGear ?

GigEmAgs2013 says:

Watching this video I feel like this is a preview review.  It looked like in one scene where Brian was driving he was talking to “himself” possibly meaning we was talking to the camera for a future CNET on cars episode.  That is just my thoughts on the matter.

Adam Najdi says:

I just wanna guide an axe through my computer when I see someone other than cooley reviewing cars…

Dis Murica says:

looks at number of dislikes = no Cooley

Jarl Ballin' says:

Cooley would have a lot more to say about such a “special” car…

Liam Janssen says:

Kinda looks like the ford flex

silver33 says:

We need Cooley to do this review

Ruben says:

Cooley driving but doesn’t do the review…. What happened too those quality in depth reviews from CNET. This was kind of like heres a car, heres some cool shots, of it and some things we got off the website.

DoubleD 613 says:

What is the purpose of getting the car to review and only uploading 2 minutes? #wasteoftime

asdjfnljn3 says:

Why isn’t Cooley doing car reviews anymore?

Kongolox says:

da fk

coolly is driving 0:42 but antuan reviewing it!  -_-

Wills says:

Why does Cooley NOT get all the great cars? The best should get the best

Jake Speck says:

00:58 you can actually see Cooley driving it but they let this guy review it, whyyyyy

Pseudos says:

Come on….this is Cooley expertise !!

Michael Lee says:

At least if you’re gonna do a review, at least make it longer and have a full-review of it.

planedudea380 says:

Kinda Short video….

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