iCarsoft vs. Snap On Ethos Tech vs. Bearmach HawkEye for Land Rover Discovery 2 Td5

Brit part Lynx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpHFy3yO848&list=PLLBZWyYKFvYJIPBbXKNYy84sQl3qzXgyn

A non judgement look at some scanners. We can only glance of the large subject of diagnosis with scanners but you can have a look at what facilities these 3 scanners are capable of


P38IRL says:

I love “thumbs down guy” is still on the scene…!

JUKE179r says:

Great Vid!
I was looking at buying the iCarsoft i930, LRII or the CR Plus Professional Diagnostic Tool.
I’m leaning toward the CR Plus so I can use it on my 2001 Disco and 2011 BMW X5.

krazyhartin says:

Like your videos. You give good mechanical detail information on Land Rovers.

Danny Otter says:

Nice one, although I noticed you didn’t have a BBS Nanocom to compare :-). It is the art of interpreting the codes and knowing where to look for what and how to test it that is the skill, which is why your vids are so useful.

Mike 1960 says:

do they do one for the discovery 1 ,300tdi

Lee Robinson says:

I just wondered, Do you know of or ever tested any of these scanners on the older series 1 discovery v8 EFI (Lucas – Prince Of Darkness) system that works OK?

Or does the above video apply to this system as with all other systems?

peacockealot says:

I always thought DLC stood for Data Link Connector.

Paul B says:

I had the old ethos scanner, decent bit of kit, but against the modus or even solus there are limitations to what they will cover. I found the blue point micro scan to be very handy too.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes says:

That Ethos Tech looks nice. Might upgrade my Autel 708 soon. I also have the original HawkEye which is nice but the live data is slow to update.

Tom Williams says:

are these any good for defender td5 year 2000?

CanAmSteve says:

Would be good to have a price range of the various options. I have the original Nanocom, which has come in handy now and then, but for single vehicle owners the cost of the units is off-putting. While it makes sense for mechanics – especially with those units that cover various vehicles – the TD5s are getting so old that the diagnostic unit might be worth more than the vehicle 🙂

What has rather mystified me on occasion is the operation of the (I think) BCU (Body Control Unit?) I’ve tried to run additional LED interior lamps off the existing light circuits, but this appears to confuse the BCU, so you get things like the LED lights coming on when they should be off – but rather randomly. I assume this is a reverse current leak to earth (could possibly be fixed with a diode) but it’s all just a bit too techy for little benefit.

Another electronic failure area that has caught some out is the drive-by-wire throttle (potentiometer). It can fail and leave you stranded.

Jas K says:

I know you hate this question but which one would you recommend for me please?
I have a 2014 LR Evoque. I only need it for my one car. I can stretch to £300 at the most!
Can you please rec me your top two, that does the most please?

Gordon McLagan says:

Too complex! Sorry but not something most enthusiasts will understand or would be running out to buy and tbh don’t think anyone will run out and buy anything because all very garbled as clear as mud. Do a vid for the layman ie recommend a unit that works for us home mechanics. Really really sorry for negative comment but felt had to post as I have watched and regularly go back to your vids as they are helpful and informative

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