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The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a mid-size SUV that separates itself from the competition thanks to two additional seats in the back, making the Discovery Sport a seven-seater. Is this enough to give it an edge over stiff competition from the new Jaguar F-Pace, Mercedes GLC, or Ford Edge? The Discovery Sport also sports a smart four-wheel-drive system to handle on, and off road capabilities, perfect for the countryside and the school run. Is the Land Rover Discovery Sport worth the money therefore, or are those extra seats not worth the cost? Find out all my thoughts in this in-depth review of the Discovery Sport.

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Top Cat says:

You never mentioned the fact that it is 500kg lighter than its predecessor which is quite an achievement.

Matthew Coupe says:

The perfect car for stuck up Women and also great for Torries who can buy this with taxpayers money……

Jurgen DX says:

That lancia Delta tho omg <3

Luka says:

i can’t believe that in 2016 you can even buy a car that costs 30k+ pounds and get worse resolution on the screen than on 80 pounds smartphone

Andi S says:

Back rear seat is sucks, even for kids. Look the seat is almost same level as the floor itself (3:08)

Minus Xero says:

@7:54 i am sold.. and that filming tho

jam14la4 says:

This is my favorite new review channel

Authentic Max says:

what is high class sporting activity ? sucking a dick ?

Gandalf606 says:

Matt – I do love your reviews and the latest have got more focused with your new recommendations, but I am confused with this one. I was looking for a review of the latest 2017 newly spec’d Discovery Sport – and this vid was titled as such and it was published on the 26th of November – just three weeks ago at the point of writing. But the number plate says ‘2015’? I thought the 2017 models were given a far better upgraded Infotainment system with lots of new features? I had hoped this was a review of that model. I must admit, I wish Land Rover offered this car with the new Ingenium 2.0 litre 240 bhp diesel – which is the entry level diesel for their new forthcoming Discovery for 2017. Or better still, the V6 diesel they have in their stable. Either of those would have tempted me …

Last One says:

Practical yes, beautiful nooooooooooo

warlandp says:

the easter egg was the Alfa Giulia :-p

UnknownUnrest says:

give it some bigger rims….

HowieYisBored says:

get the xc90

dnyaneshwar Lahane says:

superb video friend

Lathan Starnes says:

A Mazda CX-9 has a far better interior for less money. This seems like a car for badge snobs.

Khoa Việt says:

carbuyer is the copycat of you right?

Sean Bailey says:

A roof rack would sort the problem of no luggage space with 7 onboard.

rajesh4766 says:

followed you threw all your car reviews enjoyable all the time even with your dry sense of humour keep up the reviews

Julius Pavenstedt says:

Great review as always, Matt for president!

radudeATL says:

Interesting. I’ve read more negative reviews about this vehicle than positive ones.


Land Rover needs to wake up to their responsibility more.. I’m talking about air pollution from their dirty diesels and petrol engines! Haven’t you nerds woken up to fuel cell and electric motors yet!!!

mr loxley says:

Its a 2015 model, and yet the you state above 2017

Mark Hall says:

I think there is brand new one out very soon.

nnyjoh says:

just cannot get rid of the feeling this looks so much like some Chinese or Indian (e.g. Tata) design. if built like freelander, the quality won’t be stellar, too.

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