Land Rover Discovery Sport Review: 10 things you need to know

Mark Nichol puts on his favourite leggings to discover 10 essential facts about the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

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Matthew Coupe says:

Im supprised BMW didnt take Range Rover and have it has an independant brand… much better that Discovery and “Sport” just stuck up womens car!

Marc Hard says:

I loved this!! lol! 🙂

Stuart York says:

I ought one. I
I chose the 9 speed auto HSE. This is a stunning car. Flawless on and off road.

Lisa Black Cat says:

this is really an honest review – unlike others

Scott Irons says:

No command driving position , I sit much higher in my freelander 2 , I get the same mpg and the DS is a bland hatchback that can go off road .

Anthony Warwick says:

An entertaining, but pointless review. Others comment on the road noise, sluggishness and gear hunting. Looks great though!

Jumpin Joe says:

Nice car. Ludicrous price. Good video/review but Land Rover is Indian owned (by Tata) so it’s not strictly British.

logtothebase2 says:

The HSE tends to be the review sample, and its well equipped but quite expensive, I expect most will be looking at the SE tech, which has most the essentials, (but even that misses out on and auto dipping rear view mirror and full leather) adding sun roof, tow bar, full leather, electric seats, a good infotainment /nav and parking technology here will add getting on for 5K, given the vanilla SE is about as well equipped as a defender, actually I would say LR are a big tight on the standard equipment, another reviewer blinded a little by the expensive toys on the expensive option list most won’t go for.

Gallopingclap says:

These videos are getting really good. Very different to usual mundane reviews. I didn’t like the Honda CR-V review a few months ago but this is bang on. says:

really nice cuts.. good ideas.. nice work!!!

John jsmit says:

Yep , brilliant , loved the review , refreshing and informative , you have another subscriber 😉

Mike B says:

The fuel economy remarks surprise me. Having had one of these on long term rental, I can say with certainty the 53 mpg is not possible on real world driving (At least, I couldn’t recreate it). But I could get my rental to consistently return 42 – 45 mpg. 30 mpg seems excessively low…

RL R says:

950 pounds for a fucking hook…amazing.

Bryan Leek says:

Wow. I actually really liked this review. I liked how it wasn’t taken too seriously like other car reviews. It was fun, entertaining to watch, and I even though some of the jokes were a tad cheesy, I found myself chuckling over their cheesy-ness. Anyway, I just subscribed. Keep up the good work!

Lubomir Kolev says:

this guy make my day!!!what a sense of humor 😉

Rob Trust says:

Love this guy.

yanqing yan says:

This car looks bad

Aalan says:

LOOL great review

richard murphy says:

with 600 mm being 24″, sir you just explained Metric to me! and I`m Fifty that means 300 mm is 12″ “WOOHOO”

Baris SAGLAM says:

Yeah yeah :))) what a sense of humor 😉

Nicholas George says:

you have me rolling laughing here….lol…great review!!!

Jez Stokes says:

I like this review

Gushe R35 says:

for some reason, i like this guy. great review

Uviwe Matiwane says:

lol, then he calls the engine … “DAVE” , great sense of humor

Ian Chedzey says:

I’m so glad I live more than 300 miles from Newcastle.


Top bloke love his videos

Tim Stainton-James says:

Sport it is not! The overly thirsty Dis-Ingenuous (see what I did there?) is a mess. Been driving one for 3 weeks now and am glad to be giving it back at the end of the week. The 9-speed is erratic and Sport mode and Sport in general is a mess. Kick downs kicks in with very little effect to the speedo. Funny how the new Jag F-Pace is getting a sensible power option and not just the guttless 2 litre diesel! It’s such a shame because inside is a really nice place to be. The Disco Sport is simply let down by it’s inability to Discover or be Sporty!

gun datsun says:

Good review. I have the 177kw petrol and fuel economy is quite poor and had a few build quality niggles.

That Earthling says:

when it comes to price/performance it’s actually quite good value so long as you stay within the lower 2 ranges, with its standard equipment and performance. Especially compared to Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

GeminiNite says:

Great job guys! 🙂

Alan Mitchell says:

making love

Lincoln Robinson says:

so funny

RL R says:

I like what LRover is doing with their image. Kind of similar vehicles, this one even has the black C pillar from his older brothers, but somehow seems to look different. Not sure about another person’s opinion, but at least they do not seem to go the Audi way = everything is the same but different size.

Mark Jones says:

Another entertaining review! Thank you !

GhettoMist says:

I wish there was a place to do disco sports

TicTaxx says:

I have one of these and I agree, Dave is a lying bastard – we’re just over 30mpg! Recommend the Black Pack too – especially on a black car…looks like the kind of SUV Batman would drive in that spec

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