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Land Rover Discovery Sport review:
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“The Freelander might be gone, but the Land Rover Discovery Sport is a more than worthy successor in the compact SUV market.”

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joan hernandez ciriza says:

first brit that i hear talking down on their cars. he probably got fed up of fish n chips. i don’t blame him

Vijayendra Jadhavrao says:

A very thorough review like always.

Jakub Balog says:

I like it but it is a very expensive can easily buy BMW X5 instead of Disco

Sean TzoH says:

My dream car

Daan Dawud says:

That red top is killing my eyes

Ben Hollingsworth says:

Mat is the best

Trades46 says:

The car is quite nice, but the interior quality seems more utilitarian than luxurious. Again I probably believe LR deliberately did this to allow some breathing space for the fabulous, luxurious & more road-oriented Jaguar F-pace.

Wilson Mwaura says:

he is really great in reviewing. best reviewer so far. miss jackson is wonderful too

Ashok teja says:

The dash looks like a ford.

David Cooper says:

“A secret hidey hole”…….well it ain’t no secret now!

Benjamin Brady says:

The side of the boot is falling off

Lewis Edwards says:

You Rocp. He}a, attempt dust What’s happening, guys. 1!

peter jones says:

can you now review the current version?

german sheperd says:

piece of plastic shit.

Adi Chavan says:

Nice car

Ata Wata says:

Whats the music?

monica geller says:

what is the best 7-8 seater car to buy?

tacfoley says:

I looked at one last Saturday and was left substantially underwhelmed. If it’s bigger than the current Freelander I’m still trying to figure out quite where that might be. And what happened to all the great ideas we saw at the Geneva show a couple of years back? Those spiffy rear arm-rests that tuned into wheeled luggage…? My money is staying safely in my pockets – this pretentious little Tonka toy will fit inside the previous Discovery, with room to spare.

Labinot Hasani says:

a need this song help me

M.A. Medina says:

That’s a lot of work in making space from the boot.

Alexandra Sinclair says:

If only Lexus would bring the LX450d to the UK, that off-road statement would be different. Although I’m content with a V8 Land Cruiser, cosmetics matter to me and the Lexus would be wonderful.

solopolo says:

750 bottle holders are the deal breakers

sunny steven says:

are you kidding, there is barely enough space once in 7 seat mode. he can barely get out of the last row. truthfully british car reviews by uk channels tend to be very biased, top gear was notorious for this.

german sheperd says:

right it drinks fuel then it falls apart and makes you look like a pompous snob while it’s destroying your wallet. save your money and buy a volvo xc90 or a bmw x5 second hand

dsid1127 says:

You’re a great reviewer. This is what we needed on the new Top Gear, apply for the job when Harris gets the boot!

Alessandro Di Rienzo says:

They created a beautiful car outside, one of the best suv on the market, but when you look inside is all plastic. For that price is theft

Fast Lane Umar says:

U only sit up high on the roads is coz it lifts up automatically if u do over 30 mph. There is a lowering car button inside somewhere which will lower ur car down if u wish so

Ccleanerable says:

Not a word about reliability ?

Dhruv Dogra says:

which kid has a psp now?

Andrew Debasque says:

This is the Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE LUX model not standard.

Philip Scott says:

Play Station Portables! What is this, 2010?

Tom Quaif says:

If you had the money for this, would you still go for it or rather save yourself £15k and buy a second hand Freelander 2? Is there much in it or does the disco sport win hands down? I know this is essentially the replacement for the Freelander

MassiveGlove says:

Loved it but no opening sunroof? Went with the Volvo XC60 on this basis as it was a close call anyway

danny love says:

hi can you do Peugeot 2008 1.2 vti 2016 thanks

Rocking in a free world says:

The only thing that is missing is reliability.

yasaswy nagavolu says:

Funny you said PSP. Its long dead. But yeah Kids can comfortably nest there with charges on phones or pads.

Jack Howells says:

He will put that water bottle anywhere

Emre sanli says:

over 35 k for plastic interior haha go fuck ur self land rover get merc or BMW

Billy McAuliffe says:

fuck the children let them walk get some exercise

Fatimazahra Elouali says:

A dream

James Green says:

Seriously ugly car, i think it’s just me looking at all the comments

Yasin Soni says:

for someone that earns around 40k a year, how on earth can you buy this?

Mizanur Rahaman says:

Best car review i have ever seen.

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