Range Rover Evoque SUV 2017 review | Mat Watson Reviews

The Range Rover Evoque is a medium-sized SUV with good looks and engaging handling – get Mat Watson’s verdict with our full 4K review.

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Nab Aus says:

But 3 years ago he was saying you can fit 3 adult easily in the back and space is also really good , so which is it ?

Ib7 h says:

yeah nice review!

Nicholas Nolan says:

imo these cars are over priced for what they are

chancy319 says:

Mercedes and BMW are better.

tis tre says:

hi carwow, is it possible that you review land rover defender 101?
im impress with all your video
keep it up the good work

sunniep2 says:

Stop saying click here every 2 minutes! So annoying. People know just leave it on screen. But otherwise a good review

Bear Ystwyth says:

Hang on. I’m sorry but only a few years ago Matt was banging on about how amazing this car was in a Carbuyer review. I quote “YOU CAN FIT THREE IN THE BACK HERE, NO PROBLEM AT ALL” but suddenly, in 2016, it’s now “it’s not good with three in the back at all”. Knee and head room was great in 2011 but now it’s tight? Which is it going to be?
Makes me question the rest of these reviews!

pratap tiwari says:

is range rover an indian company….?

januk jayawardana says:

great…. and i really like to see it in drift gymnastics.Good work Mat Watson and team, keep it up…

Tyler Friesen says:

load of shite…. from a evoque owner, I love the car. Canadian owner, winter….. no problem. comfortable for a 6’4″ guy, 2 kids and my wife. carol space a downfall but I didn’t buy it to haul my bike, I bought it to haul my ass and in style. HUD doesn’t light up the cabin at night??? and Infotainment system is still quite good. haven’t tried all the off road settings yet but will soon. oh and only 1 issue over the course of a year, main lcd screen died but under warranty. end story….loves it.

PugDeGaming//PDG says:


texasdoll36 says:

This is my dream vehicle!!!

akrai94 says:

Haha, liking the Victoria Beckham reference.

1 Sezar says:

its way beautiful than rivals

Sebastian Adams says:

Did you get paid to trash the Evoque? You thought it was amazing in an older review. This model is even better than what you thought was great in the pass.

Dany Bartoš says:

0:25 Recycling LoL

joseph rodriguez says:

is there monthly maintenance like there is on a BMW or Audi?

tmtm325 says:

Pick up that tape nigga

manusia rahasia says:

Double shark fin antenna, so bad… That’s make this car ugly, make it one lol

A25r92 says:

Review the porsche macan 2017!

LondonersReact L says:

Mat full of fun and pure Talent! Love your reviews Mat.

Jack Rippers says:

the fcuked up the body style. Looks like a Ford. #BULLSHIT

Kyle McDaniel says:

GLC vs Evoque… go

Mayur Madhuraj says:

Such a fun review. This is how reviews need to be done!

supernumery says:

Classic Yummy-Mummy transport, good for flaunting at the Academy gates but not a good choice if you want reliability and good build quality. The Skoda Kodiaq outclasses it at half the price.

Saul Villalobos says:

Okay you say its not so good for three people in the back because of knee AND head room yet when theres 3 of you, you guys give it a “so so”? Its a British favoritism thing isnt it? Hahaha

Mouad Elazrak says:

Guys should I get this car or the new Tiguan?

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