Range Rover Evoque – Top Gear – Series 17 – BBC

James tests the toughness of the new Range Rover Evoque by driving it through Death Valley and onto Las Vegas.

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Alexander Healy says:

What is the song at 6:01?

HW2800 says:

Great as always! LOL!

Ch fahad Sandha says:


K H says:

“I’ll see what I can do sir, madam,sir”. James May 2011.

Ahmad Jeffry says:

may I know who sing the song for the end????. . thank

Jcs1117 gaming says:

1:02 a jeep wouldn’t struggle their

Rafael Rodrigues says:

uauuuu espetacular…

Lord Apophis says:

I wonder what have it away? Seems like James is always getting the short end of the stick.

Devansh Gupta says:

what’s the song at 4:00

Jasper Knight says:

keep it”up. yo! scattered soap what’s your opinion about it,”guys 1!

Gregori Quirós Dos Reis says:

No one surprised to see a car with British number plates in the United Sates??

arun nair says:

Music at 04:00 – Turn up the Loud ; Album : The DaVinci Mode ; By : Butch Price

callofdutyguy9 says:

Music at 2:50 is Battlefield 2: Modern Combat OST – Heavy Tonnage

El Art Online says:

Those Buggies look so sick.

Nen Samachkh says:

good car

Hassan Chat says:

this episode was the best episode of top gear but th new one without jeremey and james and richard its bad

Manuel Falso says:

io ho una lamborghini eventeidor

Yanis Charpentier says:

Hello people ! ! simply i really love result #medical

Lawal Hakeem says:

Pls where is the g63 amg 6×6 will murder this toy. This is nonsense

Moniccah Ramafoko says:

i really love this car

Cindy Leach says:


James McKelvey says:

How come the car has GB registration plates so is clearly from the UK yet the drivers seat is on the left as if it was registered in a country that drives on the right?

BAD BOY says:

подпишись на меня плиз

Nie XXI says:

I love this car

Madheart LJ says:

Planning on getting this as my second car – it was either this or the hilux, but the hiluxes interior is so rubbish.
I don’t really need heated seats and all that goofy optional feature crap, just need a nice, leather seats, with a great leather steering wheel and a nice interior design.

So if anyone knows what would fit that identity within the 100k range (Aud) please tell me.

Renz R. says:

What’s the soundtrack at 4:37 ?

Edward Buliga says:

4:25 music?

Au Nguyen says:

No one buying a Range Rover would go off road

Inouksa says:

isnt that Chad Michaels?! 😀 <3

Historias Asmr says:

“Are you a bloke?”
“Ehrm, yeah…”

muzictherpy says:

After 4 years no one still knows what are the country songs that starts at 1:45 and 5:07..?

Kirpal Singh says:

pls bring back old top gear new one sucks

85MeatBALLShd says:

My city Las Vegas

Nico Liguori says:

toyota fortuner 2015 better

ninja minion002 says:


Modou Darboe says:

one day I will buy Range Rover

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