The New Range Rover Velar – Design and Technology

The New Range Rover Velar features a compelling, modern design with perfectly optimised proportions, powerful taut surfaces and a stunning silhouette. The serene interior has been created with elegant simplicity and a visually reductive approach whilst design enabled technology and legendary Land Rover capability ensure a refined drive in any conditions.

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Coffee Lover 11 says:

Kudos to Tata Motors. Not land Rover.

kev v says:

If only it could come in fully electric…

vengence reicher says:

Has range rover stopped making off road worthy SUV’s?

Shaan Patel says:

only if it had a v8.

Daniel B says:

I never understood why screens don’t have an option to rotate so they face the driver and instead have a fixed position of straight down the middle between the driver and passenger.

Rzeigui Ali says:

The Beck of The car is like jaguar xf

Isuru Ranaweera says:

Shut up and Take my money!!


thanku tata

Dani Wornath says:

how much is it ? 90k ?

Luca Natoli says:

*Throws money at the screen* gimme it now. This looks awesome! Definitely buying this. When is it. oming to Australia?

Ruben BFM says:

I know i cant afford this.. ever in my life!

Felikkse Glodstenbourg says:

Shit. Volvo is best

Sourabh Ghogre says:

land rover is bae

ishaan kapoor says:

looks like an apple advertisement

Ullas Snehasudha says:

My head aches, I cant take all the luxury in one take.

Saurav Mallick says:

A really nice video both in terms of direction and narration.

Pirabhuthaasun Krisnamoorthy says:

Jey kekekkek. Dmekk. Me,d,eke. ,Dudley. Dlleel,eke. Google jejej dnekejeje. Ejekeme. Memekekekrkr. Ekekekekeke e eekekekeke

Hellu Sup says:

so everyone’s doing the tesla screen and handles now huh?

jh5kl says:

will it have typical land rover price and cost as much as a ferrari?
at least now it has seat leon equipment level

Assad Mansoor says:

Why Does he sound like Jony ive from Apple 😛

Andres Perez says:

Active rear LOCKING differencial for better cornering??? how?

Ricardo Mascarenhas says:

Loved the Velar, and also the hotel where were shoot. Can anybody tell me the name of the hotel, and where it is?

Kalpesh Patel says:

Flush door handles, stolen from Teslas.

Puneeth B says:

Wow Wow! wat u beautiful Range Rover !!! love it.. one day I afford it , worried I can’t now:-(

Steve mulwa says:

can someone sponsor me please

Nozyspy says:

Looks rather nice for a Chelsea Tractor.

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