Vision Land Rover 2017 Amazing New car

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept Reveals Futuristic Technology at Four Wheeler Network.

With the New York Auto Show 2016 rapidly approaching, Land Rover has revealed the new model

LONDON: Technology giant Intel has entered into a collaboration with Tata Motorsowned Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) to enhance the latter’s research and produc

Before Land Rover was using new HD camera 2016 2017 2018 to turn their trucks transparent, they were making battle-ready taxis to carry people around the …

2 days ago … Land Rover Discovery Concept – Design is Boldy Futuristic – But 5 Years Late and Still 2 Years Away.

The Future Car Challenge will not take place in 2016 2017 2018. For more information please view the press release below.

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Alecks1990 says:

is it all electric ? than its not new.

Rooplall Unuth says:

more about passengers bus

Ju Ned Khan says:

i interest purchase car

Diljot Saini says:


Mads Norlyk Utoft says:

Nice car

Doha Qatar says:

بصراحة لا تعليق …
ايه ده كله ؟؟
حاجة فخمة خالص والله..
ربنا يوعدنا إن شاء الله ..

Blade Vance says:

will they will have the same car in 2020

Sako Says says:

Everything is cool but the removable door luggage is stupid.

black dog says:

@1:51 who is going to put any load on the backs of the seats in 6-seats-down mode?

ferdinand delfin says:

Very nice. Someday………..

md .ilyas says:


Ju Ned Khan says:

ohhh wow super
how much ??

danielsalazar926 says:

nomas le falto el internet!!

vengence reicher says:

This should be New vehicle for james bond

Charles Matthews says:

This is thee car to have in this mode day age as it make perfect sense to why you will need to when travelling around the world I hope it has the HD radio capability #GreatWork

MrOrlando211 says:

I want this bad

Henrique says:


MrRafa305 says:

All these people talking bullshit about this suv and specially thoses people that can’t buy it hahahah…. To me looks pretty nice just one thing , why it look like range rover ? .

Jonnie Figuera says:

My parents just got a range rover and i love it! But now i’m jealous and want this

Faisal Yaqoob says:


Deep Ahlawat says:

I love this version of land rover
lovely designs

pokala avinash says:

some of the guys r didnt liking it we liking it very much u carriyon guys

Crazy Mind says:

cool concept
but this will be not for off-roading because it will really pain in ass to clean the dirt/mud for the part opening and sliding. company should think for every possibilities could occur

pokala avinash says:

it will be sales for best car after releasing

Damini Mishra says:


nicolas mortreuil says:

Ces franchement pas terrible, on est plus dans le tout-terrain… je sais même pas ce que c’est exactement ? Faire du tout terrain avec ça et d’avoir peur de faire des taches. Un tout terrain c’est pour passer partout et de rouler dans n’importe, le Defender et le seul vrais tout terrain à passer partout crado a l’extérieur et a l’intérieur.

SAYED A.Y.M says:


Billy McAuliffe says:

just more over the top shit that will be expensive to run and repair

Shah Muhammed says:

This is way better than the porche macan and I knew range rover wouldnt let me down!:);)

faisal al harthy says:

how about reliability can this go for 3 years with out vomiting any belts they just can fix the reliability department how long will it take till those seansors start to beep for no reason dont get me wrong here its a realy nice car i love the design but reliability is key here 4×4 should last for more the 7 years at least with no major issues

Basto Basto says:

is it true that the electric motor for each seat weighs 15 lbs?

Captain America says:


Internet Explorer says:


Belito says:

woow dopest

Alice Gomes : says:


Lien Nguyen says:

what the hosse

Bernardo Socha Acosta says:

Es realmente fantástico. Pero por su lujo y versatilidad, y es lógico, debe tener un precio inalcanzable para el 99.9 de los compradores de vehículo. Pero bienvenido al mundo mágico de quienes pueden tener acceso a él.

iddqds says:

unfortunately this looks ugly. i love the discovery 3-4

Serik Aytenov says:

After couple of flights luggage gets scratched and spoiled and you install it in its place to look awful.What a wisdom drom LR.

Aditya Goyal says:

after looking at this vehicle i remember one day a wealthy chinese person came to our building sitting in this car

Aaron H says:

Personal favorite is the ‘social bench’… but I have no friends to sit on it with….

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