2014 Lexus IS350 F-Sport Preview – Detroit Auto Show

Lexus just revealed its brand-new 2014 IS sports sedan at the Detroit Auto Show this morning. We’ve already shared a brief overview of the car, which went live last week, but now the information embargo has lifted and all the juicy details can be shared.

2014 Lexus IS Revealed With New Specs, Dramatic F-Sport Styling


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Diu Nei says:

The LFA is a pioneer in what future mass production model has to offer. In which you will find the same in Ferrari’s F40/50 Enzo is very much equavalance to what the rest of the lineup has to offer in the following production models. also the Porsche 959 is the 80’s version of the 997 Turbo of today? make sense?

kinhung says:

nike LED ?

Daniel Parra says:

i like this guy!

shambam says:

the front is soo ugly.

NT says:

Nice review, but you gotta get a better suit!

Accordguyintake says:

Looks like a Nike symbol below the headlight…

Kdawg Yo says:


FreestylerAlbert says:

sport car with auto transmisssss……. = FAIL!..
but I love lexus

Mbaze Pashtufu says:

It’s so ugly!

Adi Dagar says:


Adi Dagar says:

my ass hurts, fuck that man was BIG!

Alex Rodriguez says:

Its amazing how he can smile and talk a the same time XD

Patrick Garcia says:

“The driver’s seat!”

averagejoe says:

this car looks way better in darker colors. I don’t get why lexus chose white as ad color.

Jan-Michael Franklin says:

Has Craig left Autoline Detroit? Nice car by the way.

Eric Parkerson says:

Every time the camera pans to the headlights, I think Nike. Anyone else have the same problem?

djspock5150 says:

I like my first gen with the 2jz bits lol

Kniitte says:

love how most of u act like u can afford it lol

Michael Xie says:

Chicken Little

sage11x says:

It’s ugly. What’s with the weird headlamps and the Nike swooshes under them?

patrick44523 says:

Lexus is loosing in sports sedans because it doesn’t offer manual transmission! BMW and Audi do.

lawlaw1 says:

Is he wearing his dads suit?

MrMatisrand says:

Annoying voice

d-wills says:

All i see are 2 nike swooshes on its face

ideaynojodas says:

I like it a lot. Good job Lexus!

zackness5 says:

c63 amg and sls amg?

PorkyRampage says:


dollahdollah says:

that is one high tech robot…

spidersilva420 says:

are you fucking retarded

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