2016 Lexus ES350 Review Flow Lexus of Greensboro

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Check out the changes in the Lexus ES350 for 2016!

Lexus has really taken the ES350 to the next level of luxury, safety, and technology with this model refresh!

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Rachel Ross says:

Nice vid Brock

Richard Dendall says:

Buy a Toyota Camry the 2016 looks like a Lexus, And pocket the 15 thousand dollars and go vacation.

bokkey45 says:

Lane departure warning is a very annoying and intrusive feature. Most people end up just turning it off permanently after one day of owning the car.

Gabriel G says:

its 1 or more cameras which detects the lanes and not radar

Kid Going Through Puberty says:

I thought that the silver wrapping on the car was a paint job lol! I thought it was awesome looking!

Truth, Balance, Oneness says:

Im in love. Im a 30 year old and Ive been working my behind off since i was 15. Cannot wait for the day I can buy this car. Too wise to buy anything else.

D Sump says:

Awesome review, thinking of switching my Acura TL for this beauty!

imad Rashid says:

Hi. nice job out there. liked your approach.
i am confused to decide. should it be ES 350 or Avalon or genesis or kia korous or Audi A6
its a long list and tough question to answer. what do you think. my main demands are
powerful engine
extremely quite
stable car on the road
soft suspension
new design ( no change for few years)
cost effective
as for the rest of options. it does not matter i accept what comes as a spillover

sfneurosurgeon says:

I actually like the grill on this refresh. The driver assist technology is a great addition.

Andrea Ford says:

Da car is a real beauty

John Green says:

Does the 2016 ES 350 have auto folding mirrors?

TheBjjones says:

Not a fan of the wood/leather combination steering wheel. Lexus needs to start offering optional full leather steering wheels as well on some of their models.

ربي رِضآكـ والجنة says:

thank you brock .. very nice video

Blake says:

Hey Brock, why do Lexus’ have cheap interiors?

مؤمل مدردستا says:

Is it possible translation into the remaining languages

mjm says:


John Gustafson says:

I really wish you could get an f sport package on this car!!

Barbara Rodriguez says:

Brock – First, great review! Many online reviews describe the navigation system as “distracting”, is this because it’s amazing and you can’t take your eyes off of it, or using it like “texting n driving” which is bad? I know you touch on this in your video, however can you expand your opinion on using it? Thanks!

Jim Weissmann says:

Grill is just ugly.

Wade Higgins says:

This car is just stunning! It also outsold the 3series and the c class in December.

Richard Walter says:

anyone know how to update Gracenote on a 2015 ES 350?

Nancy Bates says:

Great overview. Thank you!

MrRoadRage says:

Great video very educational thanks for sharing.

Dante Lore says:

Great review man. Thanks for your time.

Mohmmed Al-Dosary says:

Does it have sport/Eco/ comfort drive modes ?!

AbuClaib -l says:

Thanks 🙂
I’m in love

MikesCarInfo says:

Nice car!

سبحان الله says:

الي عربي
لايك 🙂

Jaimito Pla says:

Acura tlx electric

Venkat .Tarakad says:

Thanks you for a great review.

Tony Yayo says:

Looks like an Avalon

o. s says:

اشتركو معي الله يسعدكم

mjahmed80 says:

thank you

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