2016 Lexus GS F: Bringing balance to the segment

The luxury sports sedan is an interesting beast. It has to appeal to many senses. You want the car to posses power and speed, and have both available at all times. You also want the interior space to be an enjoyable place to spend time.

The 2016 Lexus GS F isn’t the best vehicle in this segment. It might be the most balanced though, as it blends its power and performance with the typical Lexus level of luxury that we’ve come to expect.

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Doug Bradley says:

I just listened to your podcast on YouTube comments and I just wanted to say you really need to get your facts straight. I’ve owned 11 Lexus’ and they are literally better than every American car ever made. Keep to the facts… Oh, and you’re gay.

Ricardo Lara says:

I agree with you, I love and prefer the newer style and want to be aggressive all whole trying to be both sport luxury! Naturally aspirated engines. For me, less maintenance for future ownership. Love it!

Ge Qu says:

I want a luxury car that goes fast and dependable. Now there is not much choice….

HorsepowerKings.com says:

The GS-F is a HIGHLY underappreciated car. Can’t wait to put one in my garage.

Blake Swan says:

tp me the reason to get the Lexus over the CTS V is simple. Dealer experience. Cadillac dealers are on the level of Chevy which is on the level of dirt. Possibly poop.

Stutta T says:

Lexus ruined this car. At least they could’ve named it GS500 F-Sport. Calling it GS-F was a big mistake.

HodsBroo says:

Dream car

gabrielwhite says:

the F Logo is ugly

Eric Ortiz says:

I’ve only seen one of these on the road in my area and it definitely caught my attention. Sounded nice and looked good.

Dash Cam California says:

i almost got a gs 350 almost… would have been fun.

Harrison Bade says:

This is the car for the driver who used to buy vehicles like E55 AMGs and M5s, never with manual transmissions, but got tired of the costs of german cars. This car is fun with peace of mind. And I don’t mean fun like Toyota’s watermelon smile, anemic definition of “fun,” but real fun. You are going to be able to run this car through the paces, and it will provide an engaging experience, and put a smile on your face. But at the end of the day, you don’t have to worry that 10k miles later, you’ll have to replace x, y, and z, for more than you’d like to pay.

john smith says:

What a review excellent, Love this car.

David garcia says:

Love the color

Seuth Sengsourya says:

I like it, 6 speed manual pleased.

Chris Dorgan says:

“I swear to God I will pistol-whip the next person that says shenanigans” great review 😀

4bryan4 says:

we need manual.
i have 6 speed acura tl sh awd . i know youve had experience with my vehicule how u like it?

we always looking for upgrades but its auto..

Vernon Price says:

I have a CTS-V, my tires last 20k miles, not 3k. And if you still don’t know how to use CUE, you may be an idiot. But really, isn’t the point of your jab at Cadillac the fact that the CTS-V costs the same money as the GS F, and with that you get VASTLY better performance in every way? And I mean VASTLY. If you’ve driven both, you already know this. At this point, actively attacking Cadillac during a GS F review seems like you’re being proactively defensive about how relatively impotent the GS F is compared to the CTS-V. Sounds a lot like making excuses to me.

Oh, the GS F is good to drive? That’s great. So is the CTS-V. And by all accounts, the CTS-V is actually better to drive, in addition to being much MUCH faster. Basically, if you can’t do a review of the GS F without taking shots at the CTS-V, the GS F is not as good as you think it is. If it were, it could stand on its own two feet without the need to try to make the CTS-V look bad. It’s been proven in advertising time and time again, you never take shots at the class leader because it only proves that you’re in second place. Or in the GS F’s case, maybe 4th or 5th place.

I get that it’s a good car, on its own. But the GS F does not live in a vacuum. It has incredibly dominant competition in the open market, and that is a real thing. I’m sure I would enjoy driving a GS F, but if it’s my $85k, coming out of my pocket? No way in hell. Not when cars like the CTS-V exist for the same money.

Lee Lek says:

This is a good thing for Lexus doesnt have Turbo charged makes engine last longer than any engine

TheRealBajan says:

Except the others also sound great also , sound is not synthesized, as well as looking better and being faster,
You are talking about this v8 like if the competition has 4 bangers. they also have v8s, some that are on boost and will sound as good or better than this.

Boss Bic says:

Go watch super gt race and see what lexus can do in a race. if you think lexus lose in a race to these other company than you should make this video.

Tellie Smith says:

you can’t compare this with a ctsv it’s more of the cts vsport

123bigred says:

Great Video, cool car!

Phil says:

Love the camera on the hood looking at you. Pretty sweet view.

Mr ChaosTech says:

86k for this car is an absolute joke! You’d have to not have a brain to get one lol

XYCromerSome says:

I still don’t think it competes with the Ms/AMGs/RS/Vs of the lot. It competes with the M-Sport/ AMG-Sport/S/V-Sport cars. They all hover around that 70-85k range with around 450 horsepower. As you said, Lexus NEVER said it was going after the Ms/AMGs.
Also, as with the IS-F, I have a feeling that this is going to the best “Second Owner” car of the bunch. Yea, you may not want to buy this new if you are trying to keep up with your neighbors E63 AMG but when these cars all fall to 30-45k, the GS-F may be the one to buy if you plan on keeping it on the road and not paying absurd prices for maintenance.

G. Warren says:

Is there any aftermarket tuning/sc/turbos for this vehicle?

Roads Untraveled says:

Hey Jeff, have you ever driven a first gen ISF? I’ve always loved the look of them but have heard the transmission just ruins the experience. Thoughts? I think they’re a pretty good bargain right now

Hamann says:

dope. ass. review. also dope car

brandon maxwell says:

Is300 or gc8 coupe na

TheOtherDave says:

Keep complaining about numb electric power steering. It’s a totally valid complaint and one that deserves attention across the industry.

Ahmed Adam says:

great review! thanks for being reasonable and not reviewing the car like everyone is a LeMan driver 🙂

willkilla says:

I’d hate to see a luxury compromising car for performance when a bare performance car for Lexus means a 2 ton car.

Toyota4Life says:

Lexus got it right. Love the GSF. It’s so well rounded.

93remix says:

LEXUS – just a high priced TOYOTA. so is ACURA to HONDA, I can say these things because I’ve driven them.  and I think what AKIO TOYODA doesn’t do with his company is take the LEXUS marque 2 steps past their Mother brand TOYO. case and point the ES and the CAMRY. the ES should be more powerful than the CAMRY and it isn’t. they’re basically the same flavor accept one is waaaay more QUIET than the other and  the PRICE IS HIGHER.

NikoBell12 says:

This is my realistic dream car. I love everything about it even the controversial design. I always see a white one and my jaw drops every time. I’m jealous. Great review!

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