2016 Lexus GS F TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

Lexus Chief Engineer, Yokihiko Yaguchi sends MotoMan his latest – the 2016 Lexus GSF. MotoMan goes through a TECH REVIEW of this Lexus GS, now with the 467 HP V8 from the Lexus RCF. Yes, he starts with the Lexus F Sport V8 engine but then breaks down the technical and engineering changes between the standard Lexus GS and the Yaguchi-san Lexus GS F . . .

For more information, check out our 2016 Lexus GS F FIRST DRIVE REVIEW at https://youtu.be/uTyvze2Y3j0

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Wade Higgins says:

You have a great personality sir.

james dean says:

Gorgeous! Especially in this blue

Alex Connor says:

I want ya goochi son.

ealiev60 says:

MotoMan, what would you choose – $90k GSF or $90k Audi S6 ?

Kulendran Selvathampu says:

I love the GS F! The GS F style looks better than the M5, E63 AMG and CTS-V

Blake Swan says:

Love these videos for the insights behind everything. Love it

headcas620 says:

Pigfat. Look how massive the rear haunch looks next to that tiny wheel. But the wheel isn’t even small. Needs more power and torque down low. I can thank the designers for bringing the edge of the hood all the way to the front so there’s not an ugly line across the front of the car.

ptriq says:

damned if you do, damned if you don’t. sorry Lexus

Fahad Abbas says:

I drive a 2016 911 GTS and have owned 2 F10 M5’s. Yes, NA is very appealing but power differential is too great. I consider this more in line with Audi S models. Above Bmw and Mercedes regular lines but below M and AMG.

LexusReyes says:

I love how people who drive a 4 banger talking shit when they can’t even get a 6 cylinder version of their car. Smh….

Joe Caravello says:

I really think that new GS F looks just stunning , inside and out, the power is extremely sufficent and having naturally aspirated makes it stand out, I drive a 14′ is, from NY the power isn’t up to par but it sounds and feels great always and lexus is just a solid build there is no going wrong!

john m says:

As outdated as it is ugly.

Allister Cp says:

Motoman thanks a lot for reveiw a lexus for so long. Also could please review the lc500 when it comes out next year. lexus plays an important role in my families life’s. Thanks a lot once again and hope you frequently reveiw more lexuses in the future. Great job keep it up.

Reginald Graham says:

Disappointed with Lexus. I’m a Lexus guy and was really hoping they’d bring a competitive entry. This car is low on horsepower and torque. An upgraded suspension to compete with other entries would be nice too. Personally, I think this engine should be in the F-Sport and a turbocharged version should be in the GS F. Given the price I think Cadillac, BMW and Mercedes offer better cars.

Lexus you’re killing me…

Current Car – 2013 Lexus GS350 (for now)

Tien Ngo says:

Yaguchi-san = Drink!

p128sniper says:

Damn these cars are getting expensive, they are priced like super cars

Birdy Cephon says:

I would have liked to see a more aggressive front splitter.

Karlos Escobar187 says:

@motomantv it was a pleasure and honor to meet you once again good sir. Hope you keep doing more videos on Lexus products. Can’t wait on the Lexus full review .

Zelin Li says:

Answer your question: from a paper tech perspective, this car does not seem competitive. Engine numbers sounds disappointing. I am in the US.

David says:

Man, imagine if it had twin-turbos or a supercharger lol.

carlos caro says:

The video is very dark, I think something went wrong with the contrast

TheActiveAssault says:

This line of Lexus’s are terrible and have been for some time. Just a waste of time.

IceDree says:

I guess it depends on which section of the segment you want to compare it to.
The higher ups like the 550i M-Sport, E500 AMG Sport, S6 & CTS Vsport? Yea Sure, there are plenty of upgrades & enough juice to go to head-to-head with them & justify it, but the Top Dawgs? Sorry, but this is a case of The Rock’s KnowYourRole ….. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffffff yyyoooooouuuuu ssssssmmmmmeeeeellllllll …. (Raises the eyebrow)

As for the Blue, its cool, but the grey mirror caps & the copper finish are too much … especially the mirrors, it looks like a cheap paint that got exposed to the elements for 20 years. Not a fan

As always, excellent work M!
Nice chucks btw;)

TheAngryMonkey01 says:

At 7,700 rpm seems a but high for this day and age.

3ducs says:

Grills and gaping sham air intakes flanking them have gotten cartoonish on modern cars. That grill looks like a vacuum cleaner or sucker fish.

Cesar Hanson says:

Your video contrast is very very off.

chris taylor says:

Love the car and color!

American Patriot says:

fucking youguchi San

vaajchang says:

lexus needs to give us the ISF

Charles Ieans Jr. says:

durability with tech. GTR , GS F, WRX STI and FRS 1.0 owner. Fun is in FRS

whiteandnerdytuba says:

Somebody should be fired for those pathetic power levels. More of a base model than a performance one

ja2022 says:

I know that the M5 and other cars in this segment completely destroy the GSF but I personally think the design, a naturally aspirated V8, and the reliability of Lexus just can’t be beat by others in this segment. M5 gives it a run for its money but the Lexus really does turn heads.

Nik Brudar says:

All this episode felt as if you were making fun of Yaguchi San(?), mentioning his name at least 20 times. He won’t be happy.

Jaylen Bond says:

hellcat and e63s is much better.

Toyota4Life says:

This car is Amazing.

Jeremy Clarkson who we all know drove this car for a week and said in his review of it he like it’s more then the M3 and M5. He loves it as much as the LFA. That’s coming from a guy who isn’t a fan of Lexus. That’s how good this GSF is.

Lexus is at the TOP of their game. Their the best Japanese performance luxury brand.

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

G to the S with an F…

Eddy Lopez says:

I don’t know what to say, because I just looked up the price and it’s at $85k. I guess it’s pretty

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