2016 Lexus NX – Review and Road Test

The Lexus NX is the Japanese brand’s first entrant into the burgeoning field of compact-luxury SUVs.

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John Doe says:

is that an old fashion cash register at the center of the dash? Yuck.

Bruno TaTa says:

That “bulky center stack” puts the controls at your fingertips w/o having to reach forward, guys.

Steve G. says:

Would people/critics think the same if a Chevy, Ford or Dodge logo was the nameplate and not Lexus?

mistertee says:

I just had the F-Sport model for the Easter long weekend thanks to a friend. Though i’m still not sure about the looks, I have to say it was a pretty perfect city mini-SUV. The interior was especially cool and different. Surprisingly big backseat but really small trunk. It was like 2/3 the size of my Golf’s trunk with a pretty high lip. We fit 3 carry-on suitcases next to each other but just barely; I don’t think you could fit a big suitcase back there at all its so shallow and narrow. Fine for singles or couples, or if you have older kids, but definitely not if you have a baby or little kids.

Baasil F. says:

I don’t understand why people think this car is ugly. This car is far from ugly. Especially in black, with the black/red interior and in F Sport. This SUV looks better than all the other boring ones in its class. Y’all just hate it cause it’s not a German. But I’ll take this over the German cars any day, especially since it will outlast them & I won’t be at the service desk constantly like you would with the German cars

Kevin P says:

Looks like Rav4… going downhill Lexus..

HodsBroo says:

I love it!

Tim Joseph says:

Why is the gear shifter next to the passenger side? It should be an electronic column shifter like it’s hybrid counterparts located where the driver can reach it.

Israel Ballew says:

I think this thing would be awesome if Toyota put their 3.5 v6 in it.

Jake Holtz says:

Great voice and very handsome

ruzzell907 says:

Volvo’s head unit is way better. Still no Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Saikat Saha says:

Hi, i am from Bangladesh. 1st of all You are genius brother, i always watch your videos…
Recently i am facing a problem…Hope you can help
Me out here.
As our country weather temperatue is 25 degree celcious to 35 degree celcious , which grade engine oil i should use in my lexus NX 200t.. Though from lexus they recommand 0w20 or 5w20..
Which grade engine oil i sould use in my country ? Some are saying engine oil should use according to weather temparature..

if i use 0w40 mobile 1 , will it be ok or wrong ??

okami hirazawa says:

confused … hate or like this car lol some said this car ugly

Dan Rigsley says:

Hey Lexus, stop trying to hard and tone down your crap. You’re styling is not going to last long. Lexus needs to understand the concept “less is more”. Learn from the European designers.

James Johansson Videos says:

What’s the difference between this and the RX?

jbp122 says:

Where was this filmed? Orange County?

Mario Lopez says:

This competes with the x3, glc and q5

Jose Mendoza says:

Without the F sport package it looks kinda weird

Ludovico von Graf says:

This very urban “SUV”, the Lexus NX300h, is nothing but just a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid (both mount the same engines and give same horsepower) but heavier (285 more pounds), with a worse safety scores (at EuroNCAP, at the IIHS and at the NHTSA), less off road capable, with a worse acceleration (one more second than the RAV4 to reach 60 mph) and far more expensive than the RAV4 even with far fewer accesories or extras.

Sam Smith says:

re: all the mirrors signal it’s a chick car–chix are vain.
Hate the grill, very impractical–slightest parking bump and it’s broken, in winter/rain it will collect road grime, in summer, bugs. OK for city, lady drivers in fair weather places.

Trades46 says:

A nice riding urban SUV. Driven the NX200T Luxury & I enjoyed the performance the 2.0 turbo provides. Space is pretty good and value betters that over a Mercedes GLK & Audi Q5. The cooled seats & HUD are notable luxuries I don’t recall seeing on competition without being another $10k more expensive.

If only those financing rates aren’t that utterly insane, it is a good buy.

Yaw Borlaza says:


TurboCharged says:

I honestly don’t understand why there is so much hate on Toyota/Lexus, what’s so bad about them?

テクノロジー says:

I live in Japan and 99% of rich Japanese people prefer to buy BMW, Mercedes Benz and other German premium brands, not Lexus. 
So yes, German luxury brands are perceived as higher quality than Lexus even in Japan.
The Lexus NX is unpopular in Japan because:
– relatively inefficient gas mileage
– looks ugly and uninspiring
– center console looks outdated.

Sariku says:

Lexus all the way, love it and forget the rest…

Wildhoney says:

0:32 to 0:56 very funny!

Marisa G says:

Right now, I am pondering to go purchase this Lexus NX 200t (wonderful price, looks spacious, touch pad), a Subaru Outback 2.5i (affordable as heck <3, comfortable), or a Hyundai Cadenza (lovely sedan for 33K-ish, satisfying test drive, I feel like it fits into my life easily, trade-in promotion perhaps).

GPS is crucial to me and Bluetooth phone call connection is desirable.

deboisblanc says:

I bought my wife this car, the turbo edition, black on black.  Very good looking little SUV.  She likes it better than the Jaguar she drove for ten years.

GooseMeister says:

I don’t get why this car only has 55 cubic feet of cargo space while the RAV4, the car that the NX is based on, has over 70.

Xavier Baker says:

How does is road noise in the cabin?

7c8f says:

My 2008 camry hybrid is actually 9 inches longer, I checked it out a few days ago, sweet vehicle, LOVE the interior, fits you like a glove, will get the nx200t in nov. or dec, just love it!

Ken Kozawa says:

since the nx came out there have been a lot of daring designs lately in both eco and luxury classes…so avant-garde design in full force now?

Shawn Thomas says:

I’m curious as to why he said the tail lights inexplicably passed DOT certification (0:52)… curious about this if anyone could answer. It seems to have all the necessary components required so im just curious.

kawika dav says:

The Porsche looks better.

Left Shark #TheRealMVP says:

Lexus design has really gone to shit.

Slim Sleek says:

how i wish. nice suv car

Venko Temelkovski says:


ruzzell907 says:

Lexus used compete with Mercedes now they wanna steal BMW buyers

Advait Mital says:

we have this car and its great!

Penelope416 says:

With all the stuff he said about it, Zach obviously hates this car.

Luvia Sama says:

But this is the size of a X3 , Q5, and GLK not the Q3 & X1 lol this isn’t a subcompact SUV

Shawn Thomas says:

And I would like to say that I think most luxury brands have awkward grills that look like the open mouth of a whale shark. That’s just the penalty of having to have a grill. I think Lexus did a great job making a unique signature design element, that regardless of opinion, certainly stand out from afar, something most brands can’t claim.

Elaine Martha says:

I love this car!

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