2016 Lexus RX 350 – First Drive Review

With a far more aggressive exterior, technology packed interior and better mechanics, the 2016 Lexus RX has been upgraded enough to remain relevant while not deviating from its winning formula. Full story and photo gallery here: http://www.autoguide.com/manufacturer/lexus/2016-lexus-rx-review


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Jason Auw says:

I can get a subaru with the same features for lesser price. Except the interior doesnt look luxury

John Joshua says:

How in the world is this redesign “playing it safe” I think they completely lost the elegant understated charm the RX had. I def think the 2010-2011 RX was the one that looked the best. I think using the design cues of the LX would’ve helped a lot to create a sleek and luxurious look. This just looks like a scaled up NX and that its my a good thing

jin5632 says:

too bad they don’t import lexus in my country ;(
lexus suv > bmw and audi suv

Ganapati Hegde says:

Good review .The front grill looks horrible.

Travis Spencer says:

BMW X5 is much better. That’s all I have to say.

Jimmy Martinez says:

Looks like crap! Steroids on steroids on steroids. Too much going on. And the spindle grille is screaming out super loud. The lines are all over place. What ever happened to simplicity?

teerexness says:

Hideous styling.Does not pass the gag reflex test.

23:45am says:

Blind* spot.

Kevin Xu says:

I have a 2013 Lexus RX 350. Very happy with this car. The main reason that I bought 2013 RX350 is I like its front look very much. Very beautiful design for the front light and the grille, they have a very outstanding combination. But now, this 2016 RX 350 just like a completely different design.

I really have to say the design on 2016 is too much…. They put too much design on the new one and lost the balance actually. In my point of view, 2013-2015 model is acceptable for a wide range of people. But 2016 looks too aggressive, too modern, just fit for younger people.RX350 lost its original characteristic…

I don’t like RX 2016, looks cheap but not like a luxury car anymore. If I am going to buy a new luxury SUV car, I won’t consider Lexus RX 350 anymore.

philip dias says:

That interior color is God aweful

W-_-T says:

Ton of modern OPTIONAL tech.. Leather isn’t even standard with a base MSRP of 41k

WesMann says:

evoque is a better buy

Ubon94 says:

so ugly from the outside but inside looks attractive.. xc60 should take a note

nabbunsechkie says:

“playing it safe with the 2016 redesign”
Did you mean the 2013 refresh? Take a look at the 2016 and the 2015 models and tell me again that they “played it safe”. You probably don’t remember what the last RX looked like if u think they “played it safe because the last generation WAS playing it safe.

CW CW says:

What an awesomely beautiful vehicle! Love it…….

Zheng Feng says:

Where are you take the test drive?

Kyle Dempsey says:

love Lexus but I HATE these new sporty grills. Why did they have to do that :/

Kirk Henlon says:

looks so close to the nx


What an ugly front

Dis Murica says:

Looks too sporty that doesn’t look that luxurious anymore

Michael Harris says:

I dunno about the color of that interior though. It’s a little bit too gay for me.

Raven Yang says:

this Lexus gonna sale like crazy. I would love to have one. Nice job Lexus.

Syahril Rahman says:

Damn this is beast !!

Bitcoin Video University says:

The F-Sport model goes too far. The standard RX hits the styling just right. But this will attract a much younger buyer, which is the main goal, and this makes the revised Mercedes GLE look 5 years old even as it launches now.

UgenixK says:

i love this car :0

teerexness says:

Toyota’s long continuing failed execution of touring car inspired ground-effect styling on vehicles with too much ground clearance, combined with too much fender well gap, too much body overhanging the track width and too small tires and wheels to even begin to pull it off. It gives their vehicles a sort of a “Transformer” stuck halfway through the process look.

I think the domestics are certainly winning the styling battle at this point.

golfbuddy1969 says:

I really like the spindle grill. Lexus build quality is legendary, combined with slightly edgier design, is a recipe for success.

GooseMeister says:

Has anyone ever told you that YOU ARE SUCK at car reviews?

If you thought this was gonna be another joke well YOU ARE SUCK.

Varakyuth Directioner says:

How much is this cost

mcool93 says:

I find Lexus’ new grill really ugly. Doesn’t fit this suv at all. I also don’t like the general new polarizing looks of the RX. RX has always been more popular among ladies and the new looks don’t suit well for its customer base. I much prefer the looks of MDx, xc90, q7, etc.

ya boy bill says:

this car is sick fuck

Jo Tyers says:

My Dream car currently

I love this new RX – it’s so awesome

Reuben Ahmed says:

why it look strange

csxdjxmax says:

the front grill kind of like Starcraft Protoss…

dominicancash says:

That moment when Hyundai is making better looking cars than Lexus , that shit is horrible looking is too dramatic will get dated in few years.

Samuel Kim says:


Vlad B says:

Looks very similar to my gs 350, glad they keeping the same interior for few more years.

Seth Clayburn says:

2M people drives that hideous looking vehicle? Gross

A Yates says:

That’s playing it safe????

Jay Castillo says:

That interior thoooo

Z Josh says:

I really want to know which one is better, Infinity QX70 or Rx 350, can anyone tell me? Thanks in advance!

moesha pempengco says:

Lexus won’t go out of date with their design it’s so ahead of its time very weird yet different it doesn’t basic like all the other basic cars who are trying to be all the same

Big Boss says:

This car is almost $70,000 here in Canada when well equipped. It’s slower and shit engine, has shitty awd system. For the same price you can get a Mercedes glc 43 AMG fully loaded.

VpY22 says:

well under $45,000 as in $44,500?

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