2016 Lexus RX Infotainment Review in 4K

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allierogers says:

Does Lexus (Toyota) still “lock you out” of navigation inputs while the vehicle is in motion and/or not in Park?

Nick says:

Is the screen always split into half? Can you just have the music content displayed like you showed the navigation in the beginning?

Yilin Cheng says:

love everything about the RX but this infotainment system . it feels like you are using a oldschool nokia while everybody else already using iphone .

Andy KJ says:

Fuk! Lexus for not bringing this version of their infotainment, hardware and software, to their IS or RC models!

Hakeem Kazak says:

Great review as always.  You’re part of the minority for actually not having an issue with the Lexus joystick and touchpad interfaces.  It baffles me because in my opinion they are actually quite straightforward and easy to use for anyone used to living in the 21st century, yet most reviewers I’ve come across just downright hate both of them..coincidentally they are almost always older folks and those that would probably struggle operating a microwave..  Guess in Japan most people are up to date with technology.

Vincent MARLIAC says:

No Carplay & Android Auto integration ???

Brandon Bates says:

Good information. The system works good. I’m just surprised it doesn’t have apple play, but at the same time I use Spotify for all music so current system works just fine. I just purchased the RX 350 F Sport Monday and so far I Looooove it

6942pjka says:

I heard that using the mouse as opposed to a touchscreen can be distracting because it takes your eyes off the road for too long. What is your opinion?

joe TheBet says:

how’s the sound quality of the system? is it better than competition?

David1200 says:

I wish you would have shown the satellite radio view.

roozie2012 says:

its hd not 4k its still 1080p without option for 2160p (4K)

MrLiberali says:

There’s no (Lexus app suite) in Middle East 🙁

Crow Killer says:

I’m not sure why they would not simply put a wheel dial there. There is a lot of criticism in how their controller works

Matthew King says:

Any chance you will be able to review the 2016 VW Golf base model with manual transmission?

CanadaCraig says:

Give me an old fashioned radio – with station buttons and a volume knob. AND a gas station map. I don’t need all of this.

Apparently I'm Geo says:

3 videos at the same time!

Javon K says:

Bigger doesn’t mean better because the graphics and user interface is still horrible

Kevin McGuire says:

Finally! be able to see the full names on the video screen.

horace Lin says:

do you know when they comes in the is ?

Gas Pedal Subscribe says:

Those buttons and plastic quality look cheap!!!!

john smith says:

The remote touch is fine for right hand people but in Europe we have to use left hand to operate this which is very difficult. I keep on missing the target specially when driving, tried to increase the force feedback but still not good. Any idea or easy way out need help. Love the infotainment system other wise. I have got the 2016 RX 450h

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