2016 Lexus RX350 & RX450h Hybrid PREVIEW & Lexus RX Tech Review

In this in depth PREVIEW & Tech Review of the all-new 2016 Lexus RX350 & Lexus RX450h Hybrid, MotoMan goes on a deep dive of the engineering, tech, design as well as lessor known features of the new Lexus RX luxury Crossover (CUV). He even breaks out a totally new model joining the line up that invented the segment 17 years ago . . .

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Vision2020 Films says:

These look so cool now. Don’t understand why people can’t warm up to Lexus’ design language, when they’ve always complained about how boring they used to be. Now they’re interesting and people still complain!

Aaron Hazelwood says:

wait did he say ” yummy mommies” at 4:35……lmao..yummy mommies

Tushar Dadarwala says:

lets review 2 cars…well image the one we have here is not the one we are going to review…blah blah blah.

Tyler Lu says:

who picks his outfits?

jamesjones950 says:

Your review should have gone no further than dismissing this model as one of the ugliest cars ever inflicted on our long-suffering eyeballs. No car needs to be ugly. This one beggars belief.

demented moose says:

no no no! the fkoating roof line started with the lexus lf-c2 before the redisign of the murano was even a thought! get it right!

MrLiberali says:

It’s cost around 19,000 Kuwaiti dinars = 62,000$ or 41,000£
I’m thinking to buy 350 RX but don’t know if it’s worth it or NX design better than rx350!

James Nielson says:

I watched the whole video hoping I would like the car more but nope, it’s still fugley, almost Pontiac Aztec bad.

John Taveras says:

nice suv from Lexus I think it’s going to sell like bread… By the way the power leg support you said was only available on the ls they do have it in different models I have that option on my GS F sport, keep the good work.

marcos estrada says:

Value, you ask? how about MDX?

Shawn Shing says:

Don’t like it cause the windshield is too steep . It’s should be headroom higher n will comfort

mary ann Wall says:

Front end not to sure, floating roof line looks good. Trying to get use to the changes in the other areas thinking of trading my 2013 RX350 have to think about it a little more.

Bill Dexhart says:

Looks ok, except for the front grill.

Chris Verdi says:

I’m sorry, this is a hideous vehicle.

Sonarctica says:

I had the chance of seeing these live and I gotta say, the interior looks and feels superb.

TTacoma says:

They look just like a overprice nissan murano.

N says:

They look horrendous

yong32986 says:

title is misleading. both are hybrids, one is f sport

Michael Pychel says:

Okay so from the opinion of a “Piano aficionado”, Yamaha is a low-tier Piano (and other instruments) maker… Most would prefer to stay away from Yamaha lol.. That is not something to brag about haha

Bernadette Barber says:

This is my dream SUV that I want more then anything lol…

Corey Brown says:

I don’t mind the Lexus interiors either…. The thing is THAT UGLY STEERING WHEEL! Its like the size of my head, and blocky – like make it look cool!

viorel z says:

great car, luxury price.

JBzez1985 says:

I had a 2013 RX 350  which I loved but unfortunately lost when it was totaled in an accident on 9/2/14.  After that I switched to an Acura MDX which I like even more but I don’t think I’d ever switch back to the Lexus down the road after this redesign.  I don’t like the look of the new front grill or the rear side pillars at all.  The prior generation had a quiet elegance to it while I think this one looks cheap.  The car may have been in need of a refresh but this was not the way to do it!

loo lolo says:

I see only things usual haters can says against luxury lexus.. is” ugly”.. cause noting else to find against such a great car.. haters sees lexus rollin’ they hatin’

James k says:

The sharp grill would kill pedestrian when it bumps …

ijaz moh says:

Looks like Lexus copied nissan’s floating roof design.

Ernst Friedrich says:

Hi Motoman,
You asked why they use NiMh batteries instead of Lithium.
Lithium is super toxic and not commercially recyclable at end of battery life, and lithium batteries in this type of application generate more heat requiring a battery cooling system. Nickel batteries are easily recycled.
So while the lithium battery may be smaller than the nickel, the extra cost, complexity and weight render benefits moot.

Truong Le says:

series 3

Pop Cars says:

nice this video , 2016 Lexus RX 350 that my family is likely this Model .

Sam Suor says:

3 series!!

Le Lupus says:

best cars ever. Lexus.

Sierra Nevada says:

As a die hard Lexus fan, the power train is bush league, the style is like taking a step way past Nissan (read ugly) and the gimmicks like Yamaha door trim are nice but a little bit much. We know this will be slow like every other Lexus SUV.

The737Man says:

the Lexus’ are getting way to angular

James Donn says:


loo lolo says:

Lexus rox

David Medina says:


Sreeju S says:

BMW 3 series sells as much as the RX does

Pj Ferrette FERRETTE says:

I’m thinking volvo S60 sells same volume!

markjwil says:

The answer is the BMW 3-Series!

Freddie Slaughter says:

You need to change your dress code, I would never deal with you looking like you do.

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