2017 / 2018 Lexus Navigation System Tutorial & Review

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If you have trouble understanding how to operate all the buttons and features of you Lexus then this video is for you!
In this complete tutorial and review, I will help you make your life easier by helping you understand your car!
I made this video out of a huge demand for a complete Lexus Navigation System Tutorial Video that fully and easily explains how to operate every feature in the vehicle – especially those that are accessible from the Navigation screen and mouse controller in the center console.
I really recommend that you watch this video in segments because you will experience a bit of technology overload if you try and watch this whole video in one setting. I do believe that if you can make it all the way through then you will have a completely different appreciation for how amazing and easy to operate your Lexus is.
Thank you so much for watching and I hope this helps you enjoy your ride!

Still have questions? PLEASE let me know so I can help you! It is my goal that you would understand your vehicle after watching my videos!
I am a sales professional with more than a decade of experience at Flow Lexus of Greensboro in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Shoot me an email to let me know how I can help – brockfrady@gmail.com.

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bn says:

Nice video, would you mind doing a similar information video + HUD demo for 2018 NX F sports please.

sheik sattaur says:

Does the 2017 Is fsport some with DVD?

Nduka Smith says:

is it me or does toyota give better head units in europe than in the us?

mssca says:

eDestination has been discontinued…. 🙁

aikon56 says:

Hi. Was wondering if you have a Lexus GPS Tutorial that shows the GPS Navigation working while the car is being driven? I’d like to see its announcement of turns, exits, rerouting, and data re-entry while the car is moving.


Jasmine Morante says:

Is all of these icons to setup navigation is available to all models of Lexus 2017 and 2018?

Keystone says:

You should be the Lexus dealer of the year man

charles joga says:

How to add stops prior to reaching your destination

Jason Tran says:

After the phone and car linked via bluetooth, why do I lose the volume on my phone?

ed says:

Good job

Gary English says:

Looking forward to watching this … I will be picking up a 2018 ES 350 Ultra Luxury for my mother on Monday (she is 87) – many thanks!

serena201288 says:

Destroy the world 🙂 Love it!!
I hate it when people are so paranoid cause they don’t understand the technology.

EVOxdream says:

i appreciate ur reviews man. because of this, it became almost an instant second nature when i took delivery of my is last Tuesday. great video. super in depth. yes i actually watched this multiple times for the whole duration of the vid hehehe.

Jackie Boun says:

There is no delete on lexus gps destination on Lexus 2018 model , can you please help thanks

mssca says:

Just want to say THANK YOU so much for this video. This saved me a lot of time on reading through that tick manual.

Ronald Diggs says:

Hopefully one does not have to have Apple products only to use some features on the Lexus systems… If so, more than 50 percent of users will not like Lexus..



In the 502 says:

Love the tutorial, far more in depth than what I received at the dealer. I will definitely have to go and set some things up on mine. I never knew it had so much to offer as I just purchased it on the fourth. Thank you again for taking the time to make this very informative video.

Malc B says:

I like luxus thinking about getting a gs 350 but where in the hell are the digital clocks I can’t find one on the nav screen or inside the gauge cluster defitnely a deal breaker for me

Uzy Christensen says:

Awesome Tutorial!!! … better than what most dealerships can provide!!

Rich Keagy says:

I really like these instructive videos.

Chris Shaw says:

Is this touch-screen??

Mujtaba Mujeeb says:

How do you have the map on the right permanently? I wanna do it too

Bonnie Kua says:

Detail tutorial
Thank you very much
The dealer we bought the car from told us very minimal

Su Huynh says:

Does Lexus have any touch screen? Thanks.

shawneal1 says:

awesome in depth video

Lexus says:

Do you know if the 3rd gen lexus IS have the day vs night map mode? Where would the setting be? Thanks.

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