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NEW 2017 Lexus ES350 In Depth Tutorial & Review
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In this video we will take a complete and in depth look at the luxury sedan from Lexus known as ES350. The ES model has all the amenities you would expect from a Lexus – soft, luxurious ride – premium leather and luxurious wood trim – the latest in safety and technology features – and a selectable drive mode system. This video will also include a detailed explanation and demonstration of every interior feature from the Steering Wheel controls to Climate Controls and Custom Safety and Convenience settings. Thanks again for watching and remember to SUBSCRIBE if you like my content and would like to see more like this as I make it fresh for you! Have a wonderful day!

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Dave Wolly says:

My sister just traded in her 2014 ES 350 for the 2017 ES 350. Plus Lexus took 4K off the price in Vegas. I guess they wanted to get the 2017 out for the 2018. Also I really like the way you do your videos. You show a lot more then other people do. GREAT JOB !!!

John Grabowski says:

I love the way he’s going on with all these nifty cool “intelligent” features that I already have on my 2015 Hyundai Sonata–for half the price. Oh, and I have electronic parking brake, (real) panoramic sunroof (whole roof is glass) and “Auto Hold,” which maintains the car in one spot when I take my foot off the brake so that I don’t roll when parked on steep hills. Heated REAR seats too.

Bobby _ says:


thái nguyen says:

Lexus would better equip fox’s eyes grille

tenantrep says:

Is there an all wheel drive option for the ES? I do not like front wheel drive. Currently in a 2015 GS 350 F Sport. 2nd one. Lease is coming up and not sure if I should get a 3rd GS. Probably will. I like the fun factor with the luxury combined.

My03Tundra says:

I have a 2005 Lexus ES330. Reliable as hell, and I’ve never had to take to the shop other than for regular service. If I got another car, I’m likely going to keep my current car in the family, or, for a project vehicle.

thái nguyen says:

elegant interior design

acura ksa says:

this car made in usa
but in ME or Saudi Arabia saled from made in japan
I think best quality from japan because original company

W-_-T says:

Thank god the wood is wood. The new Honda pilot had wood looking stickers on the armrest. I don’t know why manufacturers make it so obvious the cost cutting. Might as well just use a soft grained plastic.

Chuckey 2015 says:

How does it use regular gas?

Steve W says:

How do you set the tripometer?

Bernadette Barber says:

I love Lexus R X 350 2017 it’s a nice SUV. I plan to buy one myself can’t wait. ..

MikesCarInfo says:

$40 for those 10 spoke (20 spoke?) wheels is cheap! I am going to rub that in the faces of people who say that Lexus is expensive :I

thái nguyen says:

striking design compete to the E-class

W-_-T says:

Great review, I think this is going to age well, in fact better than the new RX.

pink kisses says:

nice review

Opel Manta 2.0 16V says:

I love the review made during the Thunder Storm

MikesCarInfo says:

Watch out for lightning!

Kobe Morris says:

My mom has the ultra luxury package, with the panoramic sunroof, and it has the 18 inch alloys. And in pearl white it is a stunner

paul rayer says:

On The RX 350 , in the dash next to the 12 volt outlet and the slot for a phone . There is a little door that flips down to reveal a ??? And what does the F actually stand for , Flagship , Fast or is it just a letter used for a certain package. And thanks again for doing these videos. And say hello to McLintock for me.

MikesCarInfo says:

That subscribe button has been slammed down!

P Lee says:

Awsome video and it helps explain the knobs functions for newbies.

Reviews says:

Great Review! How long have you been selling Lexus. You do the perfect walkaround! Well Done!!


yep, my mind is made up. I’M getting the 17 Es 350 in 2019

Laurence Ignacio says:

That interior! Very very luxurious!

Paul Connolly says:

Not a fan of the wheels, but always been a big ES fan. Avalon is a better value IMO.

Lukas says:

I had one of these as a loaner and couldn’t believe how smooth it was, the seats were also some of the most comfortable I’ve ever been in, it definately doesn’t handle corners and curves even close to as good as the GS though. But much more comfortable in my opinion.

Moto Shark says:

my mom just got this car, fully loaded and it doesn’t have auto folded mirrors. Why? Even Ford has it

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