2017 Lexus RC 200t Turbo TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

After taking a break from Lexus for a long while, MotoMan returns to one of his favorite recent Lexus cars, the RC coupe. However, since the last time he drove either the RC F or the RC350 F Sport, Lexus has dropped a new engine into the Lexus RC Coupe – A Four Cylinder Turbo. MotoMan presents a TECH REVIEW of this revised Lexus in advance of his FIRST DRIVE REVIEW . . .

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Stephen Butler says:

Got to admit MM whatever filter /light balance your using in the opening feature mins makes your skin tone look like the tin man from the wizard of oz.

That car comes with electronic in/egress seats, with are painfully slow and would be a deal breaker, no matter how good the car. This is coming from a man with a Coupé with manual (poor me lol) seats, that are painful enough to use.

That car is slow for its price also, and not getting any love from UK reviewers.

Also i think the overall interior looks old schools Japanese, which in the 90s looked like it was from the 22nd C now it looks dated.

Ken Lai says:

V6 all the way. I’m in the states (west coast). Reason? Test drove this exact car and felt underwhelmed by the power. Turbo lag was significant and high end pull was lacking. The weight didn’t help either.

ugotserved911 says:

Ur videos are so freaking boring coz all u do is talk instead of just getting right into the car. Intros way to long and no one cares

Wade Higgins says:

I would choose the LC

Talal Esmail says:

i always leave your videos looking at lotuses. lol

Val Pan says:

Where are fine 3 leds in headlights? They were so nice. Again old lens. I don’t want this car now.

Azzam Diab says:

Always great detailed reviews that nobody does like you. Thanks a lot (Y)

headcas620 says:

Hideous pigfat car. That engine is a dog in this car

Khalid Modi says:

Rc 350 because gas price is too cheap in Saudia Arabia + i don’t like 4 cylinders engine sound

dcharizard91 says:

I would go for the V6. Not only is the performance better than the turbo-4, but the V6 sounds much better when pushing it. Also, the throttle in the turbo-4 feels a little laggy compared to the naturally aspirated V6. I agree that the RWD is the way to go too; you sacrifice a lot when getting the AWD. SoCal resident’s opinion.

Caio Caldas says:

Could Subaru built a sport car use RC platform ?

Blake Swan says:

This is one car that screams for a manual tranny. Please hear me Lexus. Manual transmission please

Max Cruz says:

This engine could have been in the GT86!. 2.0 T or a T version Boxer. Either should be more than adequate!.

christian Chichester says:

2017 IS has an edge to edge screen

vukasin seferovic says:

by the way…I have a question for you mr.MotoMan..if you allow.. WILL KOREAN CARS (AND EVEN CHINESE CARS) EVER GET BETTER THAN GERMAN CARS? I mean..they are investing lots of money on tehnology and design(latest they hired designer of Bugatti Chiron and so on..) Will they ever catch up??Even in USA you are already getting luxury KIAs and HYUNDAIs..plus Genesis ..Maybe you shoud review one on these and let us know the difference(apart from price)..I would love to hear your opinion on this..
Many thanks,I love your reviews, and keep those big wheels turning!!;)

The Spotted Car says:

I don’t like the 4 series but I’d have it any day of the week before I’d buy this

Leo Wan says:

I would take the 428/430 or C300 instead of this, they are a lot faster and more economical and also better looking. I don’t understand why Lexus makes sports coupe so heavy to the point defeating the point of having a sports coupe.

Fedor says:


Allister Cp says:

Moto man please review the lexus lc500 and hybrid when it release. It because:
1)It has a unique design.
2)The hybrid system is new.
3)It has the closes performance to the lfa.

Sami Khan says:

I’ll buy the RC200t any day

Gtaoutsider says:

A GTI will eat that car for lunch

crossphaded says:

Live in California(as you know) and for this particular Lexus, I’d choose the 4 cylinder turbo because the tuner in me would get a software flash done once the warranty is up and it would be head and shoulders quicker than the 350. Plus, that rear bias weight distribution FTW! I still like the Audi A5 2.0T in this segment. The only pony car that captivates me is the Mustang GT350R.

Blake Swan says:

@MotoManTV does this have a LSD?

LexusReyes says:

V8 because it’s a pussy magnet.

repent now says:

I would choose the V8 RCF

Musinka Oshay says:

California here , love u video buddy — great reviews on cars‼️‼️‼️‼️got my self c300 cope over c400 15000$$$$ differents ‼️‼️I paid cash , so for me it was a big deal!!!

123bigred says:

I would think that this would make a great daily driver to daily beat up!

purple8gold says:

At 37, married w/ 2 kids in SoCal, if were in the market for a new vehicle, top priority is how luxurious the interior is, second is gas mileage.

john m says:

Why is such a small 4 cylinder car so heavy?

Justin Bouche says:


2jzGTE says:


GhenghisKhangai says:

That paint color is just gorgeous

vukasin seferovic says:

6 cylinders!!8 even better!!! And as for CL65 AMG..WOW!!as this car is not all about speed and fast gear shifting..and if money was not an object…for the love of God..I would go for cl65 amg..what a sound..and what a intercontinental cruiser!! wow!!!

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