2017 Lexus RX350 Premium Complete In Depth Review & Tutorial Flow Lexus of Greensboro

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NEW 2017 Lexus RX350 Premium Complete In Depth Review
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In this video I will cover every feature – inside AND out – of the 2017 Lexus RX350. This is the most detailed review I have ever done and I really enjoyed collaborating with Mike on this one! I hope you enjoy this video and have a wonderful day!

I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Mike from MikesCarInfo for his help in putting this video together.

Check out his channel https://www.youtube.com/user/mikescarinfo

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Mario Lopez says:

headroom in the middle rear is bad

Colby Capps says:

thank you so much for the detail! this kind of detailed overview is what I like to look for and just can’t find!

A. Flores says:

I just got a 2017 RX 350 and your video is awesome and incredibly helpful with trying to figure out all the features! I went through the manual and got a bit frustrated after a while, too much to read. So I am glad that I came across your video because I have learned so much about my vehicle in a short amount of time. From stuff that I need to know to cool stuff to know about the car. Thanks Car Guy!!!!!

Cha Yang says:

Thanks for an incredible and detail video!

Michael Martonick says:

Glorified Toyoto….nothing to look at, really ugly.

salam95159 says:

Excellent, I bought it.I was just going to call a man from the agent for demon but you did it perfectly. This link should be added to front page of manuals.

Greg Marshall says:

Great Job Brock! Very informative!

Amy shimm noveshen says:

Fantastic video! I was overwhelmed with all the features of the car. Now, after watching this link I feel much more knowledgeable. I’m now using my car to its full potential. Thank you HowToCarGuy!

Cathy Trang says:

This is so awesome. I got mine a few months but I haven’t figured out all the features and this video is so cool. Thanks so much!

KEN lIM says:

The wood leather steering wheel is so beautiful. I believe is handmade?

John Green says:

Nice thorough review!

Lihkin Ihahs says:

Excellent overview – like watching the manual being narrated. I just bought a 2017 RX 350 and this was super helpful.

beeLua says:

Great details Thanks

Kipp Nave says:

Mr. Frady, based on your review we purchased this RX – exactly as the one you review here – the Atomic Silver, Clover Wheels with all the same options. My wife and I just retired and we are using the RX for trips across the US in the RX. So far, we have taken trips from our home in San Antonio to Pennsylvania and to Mississippi. The vehicle has been excellent. I love the cruise control function with sensors for travelling on Interstate highways. Thank you for the extensive review of the vehicle, it helped us make the decision to purchase the 17 RX350.

Kipp Nave says:

I just purchased a 17 RX 350 just like the one in your video, to include the atomic silver color. Your video was very helpful in using all of options, especially the tech.

zolu shka says:

This lexus is sooooo nice. I had it as a loaner :))

K Erickson says:

Super helpful Brock. You do such an excellent job on these. Thank you so much.

jingjing420 says:

I have a 2016 RX350 which I purchased late in 2016 and your tutorial for the 2017 has been wonderful since I cannot find a comparable tutorial for the 2016. But, I do have a problem when trying to change a predestination to name in the address book. I’ve followed the 2016 manual instructions but it does not function as stated in the navigation section. Do you have any information on how to handle that?

Quinett Green says:


D Vixen says:

How can i delete some preset radio stations??

Valerie Taylor says:

Wow…that was excellent! I learned alot of details that were not made clear when I purchased the vehicle. Not saying Lexus wouldn’t have assisted, but most of the time I was sitting in my garage trying to figure out how to set this or that!! Thank you for the clear and concise introduction to my RX350.

Andrew Bozzone says:

Thanks so much for the in depth U tube tutorial Brock. We just picked up our fully loaded Lexus RX 350 last night and we’re super stoked. You bring it down to lay-mans terms in this video. We felt really overwhelmed with all our new gadgetry !! Still trying to figure out all the Navigational stuff and how to preset FM/XM stations, clear out other cache, as we got a beautiful pre-certified vehicle. Trying to figure out other dashboard visible screen icons. Do you have other in-depth Videos online? Andy B.

curseknight5 says:

Hands on the best Lexus dealership/car review on Youtube.

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