2018 Lexus LC 500 & LC 500h – First Look

KBB’s preview of the 2018 Lexus LC 500 and Lexus LC 500h.

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aehmt says:

I bet my one cent, it will be another failed attempt on Lexus’s part. What are they thinking? At 100k price point who is going to buy this thing. They clearly don’t understand how market works. This will become an instant classic that no one desires because no one will buy it. People who are making these decisions should be fired. Do you guys even do marketing research? I bet management is filled with old Japanese dinosaurs who doesn’t know anything about cars. So disappointing!

Amir says:

Q60 is better

Luis Hurtado says:

I’ll never be able to afford this car 🙁

Adam Mace says:

Why have all the carmakers decided the awful color yellow is what they should put on their coolest cars

TheRealBajan says:

Wow, what a hot looking car in and out.

thetychobrahe says:

When is Lexus going to fix their interiors? They need a top down redesign of their infotainment and dash layout. If Ford is beating you in electronic ease of use you have a problem.

L Yarbray says:

I’m waiting for all the folks to criticize the CVT he mentions in the Hybrid version. I’m guessing CVTs aren’t all that bad if Lexus is willing to put it in a $100K car. I think we will see more car manufacturers and car models follow suit.

Javier Gomez says:

sexy ass car but the gps kills it

Big BasS Baby27 says:

For some reason I don’t like the Proportion’s on this.

Top Tanupat says:

The gear selector pattern reminds me of a Prius

bliglum says:

Simply stunning, inside and out. This is the first Lexus in decades that is truly sexy! (Super rare LFA excluded of course). Well Done Lexus!

kingwindie says:

100 grand?

zibby Jdm says:

2:00 OMG that n/a v8 this is what modern cars are lacking!

Taylor Dial says:

Great review. But no thanks!

mega guy says:

I don’t see how this car is 100k I can see 50k but not 100k

Jose Valentin says:

looks like a prius sorry….

Milo Kovet says:

the relentless pursuit of perfection

Adam Mace says:

However I must say, coming from someone who hates Lexus, this car is excellent.

theory816 says:

They need to make the taillights wrap around or make it bigger.

Lord Amadeus says:

Hate…HATE that the low tire pressure icon is the same here as it is in my 2010 Toyota Corolla. I expect to be special in a car like this. Still obsessed over this car though.

Gatsby Chee says:

that is best looking car from Lexus to be honest

faizanghaffar says:

Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400. (Twin Turbo)
– 0-60 –> 4 – 4.5 sec
– 50-60k USD (Depending on options)
– Very good looking as well.

Don’t get me wrong. I like lexus and I congratulate lexus engineers for this brilliant car. I can’t convince myself to spend almost 100k on this car in comparison of Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400.

Zhao Jay says:

How much is this?

Abdulla Albraiki says:

I wish if the car was just a bit smaller. Let’s say as big as a 911 or lfa

franctoma says:

nice but 100000?

Karun Chendrimada says:

Its a good looking car from the outside for sure, but that interior with the straight across dash only brings me memories of an early 2000s Avalon interior *shudders*

Romeo Juliette says:

2:02 though mannnn

Brandon Le Tran says:

This isn’t even it’s final form.

– Coming soon to 2020-2025, the real Lexus they’ve been holding back from us.

MICHGO1 says:


FrenchCrazy says:

Nice looking car although I don’t care for the yellow color

phat ho says:


Jay Khan says:

so damn ugly

Kole Fisher says:

Beautiful design. Only criticism being its slightly under powered for today’s supercar market. 550 bhp would have made this car perfect.

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