2018 Lexus LC 500 TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

Going a bit in reverse, MotoMan looks at the 2018 LC500 coupe after looking at the 2018 Lexus LS500 this past September. He goes through the details that make up the new Lexus LC500 coupe as well nerd out on the design details of the interior . . .

For more information, watch our 2018 Lexus LS500 TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqmfs8asamg

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Souhaj says:


momo koko says:

Poor man’s Pagani. This car is insane. I need 3 of them!

christian Chichester says:

So glad Lexus didn’t spec a black interior for this press car

Bader Al-Awdi says:

Lexus is a great car ! I can’t wait tell the new turbo engine lexus been working on. It was said about 600hp true or false ??

Carpe diem says:

Thank God I don’t have to press the refresh button anymore in my inbox waiting for this video.

Rye Shelton. says:

UGLY as sin.

243wayne1 says:

Beautiful machine. Competes with Aston Martin.

Max Goldberg, BSME says:

The tricky thing about figuring out what this (and many other Lexus cars) competes with is that it doesn’t target ALL the customers who would buy another car, just some of them. I think the LC 500 targets people who are shopping for cars like the AMG GT and the Porsche 911- but who fundamentally don’t appreciate what makes those cars great. Any driving enthusiast is going to think that the LC 500 is a huge disappointment if they cross-shopped it against an AMG GT and a 911. So much so, that I wouldn’t even consider the LC 500 in the same class, maybe more along the lines of an S class coupe. BUT- a lot of the customers who ACTUALLY BUY the AMG GT and the Porsche 911 wouldn’t know a great driver’s car if it crashed through their living room wall and bit them on the ass. All they care about is the car looks expensive, sleek, & sexy, goes like hell when you prod the throttle, and makes a menacing noise. These people would probably drive a corolla and think “wow this thing handles great!” because the last economy car they owned was a 1976 chevette. These are the kinds of people who the dealer can lie to about how many cylinders the engine has and they wouldn’t be able to tell by looking under the hood that they’ve been duped. The LC 500 is an unpleasant reminder of just how many people get the privileged of driving some of the worlds best cars without the slightest inkling of appreciation for how good they are. At the same time, I appreciate it’s existence because it attracts those buyers. After all it is likely very competent dynamically and is able to provide the punch and pizzaz of the german sports cars without making them sell their testicles to pay for maintenance.

Lexus rarely targets the true enthusiasts with a product that outperforms the germans in the purely subjective, un-instrumentable, tactile and emotional experience. I think the only exception was the early 2000’s IS300. No, Lexus targets the large swaths of non-enthusiasts who buy German luxury cars because they think it makes them look cool.

Merle Therrien says:

It kind of resembles a Hummer H1 Alpha, the one from 2005.

Silver Moonwatcher says:

Motoman – I could not disagree more with your assessment of the interior. It is hiteous. The caramel color clashes with the butterscotch, which doesn’t go with the camel. It lacks cohesiveness. The suade door panels, look like they are wrinkled because they have no stitching. The black in the steering wheel column looks like they didn’t have time to get matching plastic or they couldn’t find yet another shade of carmel so they got the column from the black car that didn’t work. They need to talk to the people at Ferrari and see how they integrate that color throughout the cabin without making it look blotchy.

Cababah says:

Love the attention to detail and fit and finish of this car…it’s in a class of its own. Keep up the great and quirky reviews, motoman!


bentley continental GT type cars

Shannon Stjulien says:

it has none. they are either way off in price or performance. if forced i would say mercedes v6 sl and the hybrid lc with the nsx but thats a huge stretch.

Souhaj says:


justSTUMBLEDupon says:

This car looks amazing! And that interior is outstanding

Nicholas Mburu says:

I would say this car competes with the Aston Martin Vantage on the high end.

Souhaj says:

Car for gays only

Andrew S says:

Not to be a Debby Downer but this segment (along with exotics) are growing because most of the wealth since the crash of 2008 is going to the top percentile of the population. At least we get to see all these cool machines and you get to experience them 🙂

RootsandTendrils says:

Maserati Gran Turismo, let’s see a comparison.

Souhaj says:

Very Ugly car

RTP says:

I have this car , but with blue paint, same interior . The glare of the tan dash on sunny days is horrible, you also get the same glare from the door panels. Lexus should have done a black dash top, then tan lower, they also should have done 2-tone black on door inserts and seats to break up all the tan EVERYWHERE. , Same goes with the red interior it’s just way way too much. Also the infotainment system is just as bad as Land Rover/Jaguar’s software. Lexus needs to do something about their software it’s JUNK and a complete driver distraction when changing media, maps, etc etc . I really like the car, but it needs more work. Glad I leased it for only 2 years, not sure it’s a long term relationship. I will say service & customer service has been as good as Porsche , zero complaints about post-purchase issues. they’ve taken care of everything without a question or out-of-pocket expense.

Souhaj says:


Jo Blo says:

Ahh, the infamous ‘sewer grate grill’.  This car is probably reliable, and that’s where the advantages stop.   So many other coupe’s that are more interesting than this.

PwnstarUK says:

You got me loving a door handle! I think this car is a Merc SL or CLS competitor maybe 8 series or cheaper Astons. But not a Caymen nobody wanting a caymen would take this fat sloppily handling thing. Its just not sharp enough.
Why anyone would take a toyota over an aston or a merc is beyond me. It doesn’t have the badge, the value retention Or the heritage needed. Even if its a better car this will just be heavily discounted and the best car on the lease car rental options list they give to directors and upper management.
why do Japanese companies try to do Luxurious cars?? stick to GTR types and give up on competing equally with european quality.

Souhaj says:

A car for assholes

Souhaj says:

One of the Ugliest car I have ever seen. ..the whole Design of Lexus is a shit. ..they should replace the whole team

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