2018 Lexus LC 500h – Hybrids Don’t Have To Be Boring

Easily one of the most striking cars to come out of Japan for 2018, the Lexus LC flagship coupe has been quite the show stopping car for Lexus over the past year. While the V8 model’s 5.0 naturally aspirated screamer has been stealing the show, the Hybrid LC promises to deliver most of the performance with a 63% improvement in fuel economy. As long as you don’t miss the sound, it could be a great alternative to fuel thirsty competitors.


Naughtysauce says:

Those plastic bits around the tail lights need to go, cheapens the vehicle looks by 20k.

abcdefghisrael says:

Did he really compare the trunk space to a miata?? Lmao ok

KRAS 4 says:

Very sleek design by Lexus.

I Finn says:

I notice reviews of the LC500h have been reemerging. I guess Lexus is trying to push it once again to do damage control for the fuel pump recall debacle of the V8 model.

masterwhopper414 says:

If I’m Lexus, I would just pull off a V8 hybrid for the LC-F

Amir Kazemi says:

ugly car

Chris M says:

There is no Brembo’s?

zpdlvmxkdns says:

The beautiful sound is when high-RPM and low RPM are repeated with gear shifting.
The car is screaming at high RPM.
It is a very annoying sound. ! This is the limit of the CVT.
Excrement car.

Dan says:

For some odd reason this auto reviewer and most others have decided to use the word “noise” instead of the word “sound” to describe the exhaust and propulsion sounds made by various vehicles.
Noise and sound have different meanings based on individual preference.

Neil Covers says:

I would drive this everyday!

aransom808 says:

Posted today but talks about the rdx’s screen in future tense? He posted the embargoed vehicles review almost a month ago. I call shenanigans… =/

Updating as I go along with the video. Why doesn’t he call it a moon roof? It’s glass, we get it… did you think it was plastic? <_<;

gerardi2000 says:

Which do you like better the Acura NSX or the Lexus LC500. I like the NSX better but the Lexus is nice.

The Angry German says:

It’s a beautiful car but… idk I’d still rather have the audi a5 sportback lol

Richard Lopez says:

Camera noise here is really distracting. Also, in general for all reviews, I’d like to trade info on the glove box with for braking performance as it is exponentially more used vs the g box. Love the everything else! Thanks

Aaron Walcott says:

Shuri would be proud, Lexus! Good use of technology!

Michael Snow says:

Ultimate Warrior face paint headlights/taillights. Google it, you won’t be able to un-see it!!!

Rameses Levi El says:

Great looking and sounding car.

Gladcallman says:

“The only thing that gives it away as a hybrid is the blue lexus badge”

yeah and maybe the hybrid badges on the side skirts might give it away too?

SSC3034 says:

You can’t rev it in Neutral?

LuBano says:

Soyan’s having bad luck with audio lately

Lance Rogers says:

This car already has 10,352 miles? We’re only 6 months into 2018 haha

Cars1999 says:

This is the best looking car period right now. I saw one finally in real life and it blew me away.

Edysin Simon says:

Yep…sounds like a CVT to me!

Justin M says:

Same shifter as the Prius, geesh. Crazy for that price.

Yung Padawan says:

I think the You should consider the other power train the “gasoline only” models and the hybrid is the gasoline and electric. Regardless great review, very cool car. I was very much feeling the same before I saw the video that I b
thought the car would be boring and slow compared to the V8 LC. But seeing how quick it accelerates and that very interesting combo of a CVT and a 4 speed auto to make a simulated 10 speed. I’m assuming the CVT more acts as a transfer case would, where it has like a high range and low range, or maybe it has a low range, mid range and high range. Where it uses the 1-4th then goes back to like the 2nd or 3rd gear but the CVT ups the ratio to taller final drive so hay 2nd turns into 5th, 3rd into 6th etc so on and so forth. But I’m assuming with the CVT that you could make infinite gears with that 4 speed. You could literally make it a 16 speed simulated gearbox with that setup if it were programmed for it. Very cool idea and good execution by Lexus. Impressive car and I’m extremely surprised by how it’s a “fun” hybrid! Thanks again Sofyan!

Tim says:

I don’t know why anyone would option the interior in black. Doesn’t do the design justice

canonlybeme4life says:

Great Review RR.

Hercules Souza says:

your title does not make sense Obviously hybrid does not have to be boring, because the most incredible, coolest and powerful machines on earth are hybrid:
Rimac (The Devil)
porsche 918 spyder (super monster)
McLaren P1 (most that powerful)
All the coolest and most powerful super cars in the world are hybrid.

Patrick Wong says:

The exterior looks good, however, this thing is pretty soul less with that weird CVT transmission (sounded like lawn mower) and the dash screen looks small and outdated for a $100K car.

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