2018 Lexus LC500: Start Up, Test Drive & In Depth Review

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Today, we’ll be taking an in depth look at the 2018 Lexus LC500!

PURE SOUND of the LC500:


Start up: 0:28
Background/exterior design: 1:47
Wheels/chassis details/steering: 4:42
Powertrain/performance/drive modes/fuel economy: 7:46
Interior/features/rear seat: 10:32
Trunk space: 14:14
Sound clips: 14:39

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Aby Alex says:

Great review…need more like this.

Rockport1911 says:

First Lexus where the enormous spindle grilll really makes sense and fits with the rest of the design 🙂

ElseWhere 47 says:

That high revving V8 sounds like a Hellcat without a supercharger

D LG says:

I love this Lexus. It’s the perfect choice for the buyer who wants a nice balance between luxury and performance in a car. Plus is sounds good too.

samy says:

where’s the new land rover discovery at? been waiting a while for you to post it

MrStumpyone1 says:

By far the gayest intro

SandMan 716 says:

you know when its driven on a track for the review that I’ll never be able to afford it.

Ce Oc says:

Better than Aston Martin DB11 V8 and Maseratti GranTurismo

n1tr0 t3ch says:


Emad Ahmed says:

My interest in the Lexus brand has been reignited.

FarCrySis38 says:

Thanks for review

john jackson says:

man i love lexus quality and reliability but the s class coupe makes the lexus interior look like a hyundai

JayC says:

You should make a video recommending good looking and good preforming cars for high school students.

장진호 says:

that design is…………..too much……..
what happened……..

Yuan says:

Honestly I never get the segment of this car, the size is too small for the 2+2 layout, but too big for a sporty GT.
The S class seats better at the back because it is way longer, and the back seats are uselss on the LC and add a lot of unnecessary weight. Remove the back seating parts would save at least 150 pounds and improve the agility and sportyness.

Lexus sacrificed the trunk space for the weight balance so I don’t get why they didn’t remove the unnecessary back seats as well.
The dimension of the LFLC concept would be ideal.

Maxim Gorshkov says:

Ужасный голос

Zatharos says:

I don’t necessarily think this car can auto rev match considering its a torque converter automatic not a dct

Thanh Điền Nguyễn says:

my babe


lol, enjoy watching the benz and bmw fans eating their heart out.

Don't touch me, I got Adam Silver on speed dial. says:

Love the LC but wish they brought back the 2014 ISF.

James Haas says:

That sound goes right through you! Amazing!

simonfreeserve says:

Kyle back doing what he does best nice one mate, oh nice car too

Kevin Bischoff says:

Kyle how do you get all of these cars to review?

Ryan Stroup says:

That is one beautiful engine!

jay m says:

96.000 for plastic exhaust tips and no apple car play no thanks

TheBluesFlame says:

My goodness what a beauty

Hamilton Dashcammer says:

This is an amazing car that I won’t be able to afford for 15 years lol

Kevin Woodard says:

Welcome back, Kyle. You must have been on spring break. Also, thanks for doing a video on the Lexus LC. The Denver Auto Show is next week (April 6), and I should be able to sit in one, along with many other vehicles.

DavidikHD . says:

I am pretty sure this was and is the new supra we never got Or the FT1 it’s pretty close to the same concept

Dave Houghton says:

You have the most thorough review style I’ve ever seen. It’s concise and full of detail.

Chris Capaccio says:

I saw LC500 and Saabkyle04 in the same video and never clicked faster.

MrJeronimo94 says:

Is it just me or does this sound like the Banshee in the GTA series ?

Jimmy Heuangpangna says:

Interior is right there with the AMG models….Rapes interiors of BMW and Audi in its class….meaning M4 and RS5. Plus its not even an F model. Engine note absolutely destroys all of them!

Paul Stark says:

Wtf I can’t see the review??I see just the thumbnail

Lai Chan Lee says:

do more hondas

Lucas Arthurs says:

This is what happens when Lexus looks at the Dodge Challenger, and goes “Hmmm…”

DVP2000 says:

The start-up screen is just like starship enterprise

Emet Playz says:

wow xD

2dfx says:

This car would be PERFECT with a stick.

Canaan Selent says:

How could you not talk about the tailights!

Joe Collazo says:

Saw this car at the new york auto show, it is absolutely stunning, especially in blue

Saleh 1 says:

he gets no views now

guy proulx says:

Best looking car i’ve seen in a very long time

Svilen Alexandrov says:

How is the Nissan coming along?

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