2018 Lexus LC500h Hybrid FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 2): Was it the right alternative choice?

MotoMan drives the 2018 Lexus LS500h and learns it retains a lot of the positive traits of the 471 HP Lexus LC500 however, the bigger question is: With a Lexus that looks like this and costs as much as this one – was a Hybrid Electric (HEV) propulsion system the right alternative choice . . .

For more information, watch our 2018 Lexus LC500h TECH REVIEW @ https://youtu.be/yJULQCvWl-Y

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Lexus LS 500 TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqmfs8asamg

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Abid Niaz says:

For my preference I want a fully electric car to attempt to match the ludicrous tesla. But I also want a higher performance hybrid more akin to the INFINITI hybrid sedans or Porsche 918/Panamera hybrid. The hybrid, I think, suits the grand touring nature of this car by allowing you to grand tour more. The electric car version would just be fun to go fast. But most importantly… Still waiting on the LCF.

Dithh says:

Space coupe like ET.

timothy gray says:

I think u are 100% right they should of went full gas with a little more power and a full ev. That would have been a win win. I get why people buy hybrid and if the lc500 drove like a hybrid, (918 or p1). Then it would of been a hit. If it can’t go in full ev then it doesn’t make sense. A mid hybrid makes sense (Like the new cls) but, then a full gas version doesn’t. If the price o both would have to be way less for the lc500 and the lc500h to live together.the lc500 price is fair where it is. But the lc500h makes it confusing

John Zheng says:

I would pay it like it was a Tesla Roadster $200,000 to $250,000

NuclearGrizzly says:

I saw one in red with the tan interior. Really nice color combination.

Paul Sherrard says:

Wow, I like your case for an all-electric or PHEV LC500! I think 125k with 200 mile range would be superb, or a PHEV with 80 miles electric range around 110-115k. This orange and blue interior is stunning and will date horribly, but I want it! Our next car will be a GT vehicle around 100k after the last kid has left home – this is definitely on the radar.

天瑞 says:

Toyota doesn’t like full electric, because they think their hybird system is MUCH BETTER than any plug-in hybird. let’s face that fact: plug-in hybird and full electric is not a really high-tech things and almost every manufacturer could make it easily. For some reason toyota think plug-in just a transitional product of the emissions policy which it is. Toyota is very cautious about the future. In fact, Japan has no right to speak in the direction of automobile development. Toyota doesn’t know what the future automobile will be, electric motor? hybrid? fuel cell? but no matter which trend, Toyota can handing it easily like daddy.

SkiddingMouse says:

1- full ev no, plug in yes with 30-40 miles at least. 15k on top max.
2- i´m scared of that hybrid transmission. my head goes max mode “what if…” 😀
3- damn it looks good!!! gotta go check one
4- good video, but for some reason would love to see how this hybrid powertrain behaves under racing conditions…. pure curiosity.

Tully3674 says:

I scratch my head why this car couldn’t be offered as a pure EV. Take out the engine, replace with batteries (or whatever is needed to be done for weight balance) and get 250 miles in range. Why can’t this be an option – especial l with 240V charges at 80% being done in less than one hour.

Stephen Butler says:

I love the idea of this car. But hate the interior so much. It isn’t the colour that puts me off it.

Elton Elzee says:

I love the interior color, but I rather have a V8…..

Max Goldberg says:

I am an extremely picky driver, so I’m skeptical that I would ever want an LC due to its weight (more than 2 tons to me is no longer a viable car, unless it can tow a car that weighs less than 2 tons), but I’ve sat in one at auto shows and I really dig the seating position.

I think I would want the hybrid over the V8, because there is no manual option. I hate torque converters. I also am not a fan of V8 engine sounds, but I’m also not a fan of how any Toyota engines sound since they stopped making the 2JZ. All Toyota V6’s I’ve heard thus far sound like they are unhappy to be working hard for you. I have to say that, compared to the 08 Lexus GS450h (which I liked more than an auto Chevy SS) they seem to have made the V6 in this thing sound happier, but not fully on board with the activity of driving fast. But because it is technologicaly interesting, and the V6 won’t piss off my ear drums every time I ask for power like the V8 will, and because of the 4-speed between the engine and the “CVT” (planetary gearset) making it less moany, I’d take the hybrid.

Would I prefer a full EV to the hybrid? Hell yes. That body style tells you it’s from 2049, and as much as I like gas engines and manual gearboxes, I’ll be damned if the fastest cars in 30 years are still powered by internal combustion. The problem with making it an EV is that it lacks drama, which is probably a great draw to the LC for most buyers. I couldn’t care less about drama.

carman geek says:

A hybrid LC. Why? What does that accomplish?

Jacques Dégeorges says:

You’re a hybrid MotoMan. You cross yourself like an Orthodox but pray in a Latin language.

Jeff Brisson says:

Best looking coupe on the road. V8 though

Valve Timing says:

I’m a lazy can times 500 so I can’t drive that price tag lol

sussuration says:

I see it as a GT, not a sports car so full electric wouldn’t suite it – there’s not enough range or flexibility in all electric. With a car like this it has to be the V8 surely? I’ll qualify my opinion by saying that alas, I am not in the target market for this car financially – my IS 250 is where I’m at!
As always, very interesting review. Keep ’em coming.

Brian Brown says:

Sounds like poop. Good looking car like that should have good sounds. V8.

Toyota4Life says:

You also need to drive the now discounted V8 ISF the first F car… or even the LFA of you can get your hands on it.

I will say you have been sleeping on Lexus for far too long. Days of the GS400/300, SC300 and the IS300 5 speed has passed you by.

USARAY1947 says:

Six figures with range anxiety, no thank you to full electric.

Ash says:

It’s too heavy for a full electric. I hail from Canada and the difference between V8 (without performance package) and hybrid (performance package standard) is around $20K. Price is nearly the same when you include the performance package with the V8. The hybrid needs the gas engine to kick in earlier and the gas engine needs to be more powerful to make the $20K difference worth it. Otherwise, this hybrid is just not as compelling as the V8. If driven back-to-back, a customer for this class of car would likely choose the V8 over the hybrid, esp since the base V8 is $20K less and with perf pack same price as the hybrid. The V8 is a no brainer for us in Canada IMHO. $20K would be worth it for a full electric version ONLY if it’s way faster and more powerful. But my gut is saying it’s too heavy for a full electric.

Stephen Butler says:

I drove the Rav4 hybrid a while back, and was amazed how good the system filled in torque. My first thought was, this is a great diesel alternative. Diesels are huge in the uk.

Mark Russell says:

Hopefully it sound better in-person, but when you’re planted on the go-pedal it sounds painful.

Blake Swan says:

V8 or bust. Hevy as is, needs to shed all the weigh it ca, an EV adds about 200lbs and a full ev would be over two tons.

John Zheng says:

You should get one for review!!!

Ron Del says:

If I wanted a full electric roadster, it would be the Tesla. America loves the 8, nice to see Japan catering to climate change deniers.

TheStimie says:

Love this guy and those cars too

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